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Volume 2 in Alga Marghen's retrospective 2 volume series of composer and Fluxus founding member Philip Corner during his years with the Judson Dance Theater.

Corner, Philip
More from the Judson Years, Instrumental-vocal Works (Volume 2)

Corner, Philip: More from the Judson Years, Instrumental-vocal Works (Volume 2) (Alga Marghen)
Label: Alga Marghen    
Released in: Italy    

"Excerpts from the liner notes of Volume Two, written by Philip Corner: 'Everything Max Has' (1964), Max Neuhaus solo, recorded at the ONCE Festival, 1965. 'A performance of Max's taking down all of his stuff; tons of equipment filling entire stages'. 'Big Trombone' (1963), Jim Fulkerson improvisation over tape collage. 'Homage to Revere' (1962) for ensemble of copper-bottom kitchen utensils. 'Punkt' (1961) for ensemble of staccato sounds. 'Since the critics were calling us the plink plunk school, I contributed a composition favoring only those punkts for centuries having defined and inhibited Western music'. 'Passionate Expanse of the Law' (1959) for ensemble, recorded at the Composers' Forum, NY, 1972. 'Expressions in Parallel' (1958) for ensemble. 'From my earliest compositions I have been more enticed by an opening out towards greater possibilities, than in cheap and arbitrary limits of stylistic unity.'"-Alga Marghen

Digipack first press of 1000 copies, including a 12 pages booklet with liner notes, scores and original documentation.

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Product Information:

Digipack first press of 1000 copies, including a 12 pages booklet with liner notes, scores and original documentation.

Label: Alga Marghen
Catalog ID: 25NMN.056
Squidco Product Code: 13269

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2004
Country: Italy
Packaging: Digipack
Track 1: Recorded at ONCE festival, Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 11, 1965. Track 2: Recorded in Buffalo, 1970. Track 3 and 4: Recorded at Haroud's restaurant, New York City on March 18th, 1962. Track 5: Recorded at Composers' Forum in New York City, 1972.


Track 1:

Max Neuhaus-percussion

Track 2:

Jim Fulkerson-trombone

Track 3:

David bushler-copper bottom kitchen utensils

Michael Corner-copper bottom kitchen utensils

Philip Corner-copper bottom kitchen utensils

Track 4:

Dick Higgins-bass thumb piano, wooden furniture legs, ceramic tiles

Track 5:

Alex Ogle-flute

dan Goode-clarinet

Norma Marder-soprano saxophone

Jack Glick-viola

Malcolm Goldstein-violin

Jim Fulkerson-trombone

Track 6:

Norma Marder-soprano saxophone

David Busher-offstage percussion

Malcolm Goldstein-violin

Du-Young Chung-flute

Philip Corner-trombone

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Track Listing:

1. Everything Max Has: As An "Afterward" 18:11

2. Big Trombone 9:14

3. Homage To Revere 7:11

4. Punkt 11:16

5. Passionate Expanse Of The Law 15:55

6. Expressions In Parallel 8:57