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Bringing together players from Rimouski and Montreal, contemporary classical and musique actuelle meet in an improvising setting to create an album of distinctive four-way interplay.

Freedman / Darling / Labrosse / Dionne
Dix Situations Precaires

Freedman / Darling / Labrosse / Dionne: Dix Situations Precaires (Tour de Bras)
Label: Tour de Bras    
Released in: Canada    

"Utilizing the skills accessible from legitimate musical training, extended instrumental techniques and the supplementary textures available from an electronic sampler, these "10 risky situations" balance on the edge between free improvisation and contemporary classical music. Involved are two instructors at the Conservatoire de Musique de Rimouski (Quebec): James Darling, who is also the cellist of Quatuor St-Germain; and Gabriel Dionne, the Conservatoire's percussion head. They're matched with two Montrealers: clarinetist Lori Freedman, known for her free improvisation collaborations as well as notated New music efforts; and Diane Labrosse, here manipulating the sampler, though she usually composes multi-media, theatre and dance pieces.

Overall, Labrosse's instrument's electronic pitch warbles and whooshing flutters plus the sinewy vibraphone resonation or ratcheting drum top pitter-patter from Dionne create background landscapes. In the foreground are the contrapuntal interactions of - or double counterpoint between - Darling and Freedman. One or the other advances a motif - say low-pitched legato bowing from the cellist, or squeaking, altissimo smears from clarinetist - and with the response, aggregate themes and variations are developed - then electronics and percussion fill in any spaces.

Two pieces "Parler tout seul" and "Marcher sur des œufs" depart from this strategy with memorable results, as each extends virtuosity past the 10-minute mark. A darkly tinged nocturne, the former contrasts repetitive, low-pitched exhalation from the clarinetist with resonating tubular bell shimmers, until a conclusive cello vibrato provides the connective thread to make logical as well as musical sense of the tune. Initially as fragile as its title posits, the later piece unfolds on top of vibrating electronic crackle and drones plus pitter-pattering vibe and cymbal resonation, as both Freedman and Darling emphasize rigid instrumental timbres. Eventually, abrasive sul tasto string sweeps and high-pitched reed yelps sound unmodified, negating the delicacy of "egg walking". Listeners who welcome aural challenges are rewarded with the sounds of distinctive four-way interplay."-Ken Waxman

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Product Information:

Label: Tour de Bras
Catalog ID: TDB89002
Squidco Product Code: 12980

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Canada
Packaging: Clear plastic Sleeve with paper inserts
Recorded September 20, 2005 at Vieux -Theatre de St-Fabien.


Lori Freedman-clarinet

James Darling-cello

Diane Labrosse-sampler

Gabriel Dionne-percussion

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Track Listing:

1. Se Poser Des Questions 3:08

2. Avoir Froid Aux Yeux 5:54

3. Avoir Les Nerfs En Boule 8:31

4. Faire Des Cauchemars Éveillés 2:35

5. Parler Tout Seul 10:28

6. Avoir Des Fourmis Dans Les Jambes 2:40

7. Marcher Sur Des Oeufs 10:42

8. Avoir Le Coeur Gros 2:44

9. Avoir La Gueule De Bois 2:43

10. Avoir La Larme Facile 4:07