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Double CD reissue of 2 of Doc Chad's 80s cassettes, combining two extended compositions utilizing home overdubbing and homemade instruments, released in their entirety.

Chadbourne, Eugene
The Secret of the Cooler / The Bird Cage

Chadbourne, Eugene: The Secret of the Cooler / The Bird Cage (Chadula)
Label: Chadula    
Released in: USA    

Mike Schafer's repackagings of 1980s Chadbourne cassette material, a double CD at a single price with done with Schafer's artwork and archive of original Chad tape artwork. The Secret of the Cooler / The Bird Cage combines two extended compositions utilizing home overdubbing and homemade instruments. Portions of these were presented on the Guitar Freakout collection of cassette solo overdubbed pieces but on two CDs one gets to hear the full contents of the cassettes as originally unleashed on the public.

"A seemingly endless -- and endlessly eclectic -- series of releases made the innovative guitarist Eugene Chadbourne one of the underground community's most well-known and well-regarded eccentrics. Born January 4, 1954 in Mount Vernon, NY, Chadbourne was raised in Boulder, CO, by his mother, a refugee of the Nazi death camps. At the age of 11, the Beatles inspired him to learn guitar; later exposure to Jimi Hendrix prompted him to begin experimenting with distortion pedals and fuzzboxes. Ultimately, however, he became dissatisfied with the conventions of rock and pop, and traded in his electric guitar for an acoustic one, on which he began to learn to play bottleneck blues.

Perhaps Chadbourne's most significant formative discovery was jazz; initially drawn to John Coltrane and Roland Kirk, he later became an acolyte of the avant excursions of Derek Bailey and Anthony Braxton. Despite the huge influence music exerted over his life, however, Chadbourne first studied to become a journalist, but his career was derailed when he fled to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam; only President Jimmy Carter's declaration of amnesty for conscientious objectors allowed the vociferously left-wing Chadbourne to return to the U.S. in 1976, at which time he plunged headlong into the New York downtown music scene. After releasing his 1976 debut, Solo Acoustic Guitar, he began collaborating on purely improvisational music with the visionary saxophonist John Zorn and the acclaimed guitarist Henry Kaiser.

Quickly, Chadbourne carved out a singular style, comprised of equal parts protest music, free improvisation, and avant-garde jazz, topped off with his absurd, squeaky vocals. A complete list of Chadbourne's countless subsequent collaborations and genre workouts is far too lengthy and detailed to exhaustively document, although in the early '80s he garnered some of his first significant attention as the frontman of Shockabilly, a demented rockabilly revisionist outfit which also featured the well-known producer Kramer. Following the group's breakup, Chadbourne turned to his own idiosyncratic brand of country and folk, accurately dubbed LSD C&W on a 1987 release, the same year he joined the members of Camper Van Beethoven for a one-off covers project. In addition, he recorded with artists ranging from Fred Frith and Elliott Sharp to Evan Johns and Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer in the Mothers of Invention; in between, he continued exploring unique styles inspired by music from the four corners of the globe, all the while issuing a seemingly innumerable string of records, most of them on his own Parachute label."

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Product Information:

Label: Chadula
Catalog ID: chadCageCooler
Squidco Product Code: 12738

Format: 2 CDRs
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: USA
Packaging: CDR in a cardstock sleeve with Dr. Chad's unique packaging
Originally released by Eugene Chadbourne in the 1980s on cassette.


Eugene Chadbourne-home overdubbing and homemade instruments

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Track Listing:

Secret of the Cooler:

1. Secret of the Cooler 18:43

2. Tommorrow 1:50

3. The Bird Cage 1 27:54

4. The Bird Cage 2 19:07

5. Dang Me 3:17

6. Take This Job and Shove It 1:56

The Bird Cage:

1. Track 01 4:09

2. Track 02 5:28

3. Track 03 2:39

4. Track 04 1:33

5. Track 05 6:44

6. Track 06 26:01

7. Track 07 0:53

8. Track 08 1:51

9. Track 09 0:15

10. Track 10 0:10

11. Track 11 0:53

12. Track 12 0:12

13. Track 13 1:03

14. Track 14 0:15

15. Track 15 0:28

16. Track 16 0:58

17. Track 17 0:27

18. Track 18 0:36

19. Track 19 1:54

20. Track 20 1:01

21. Track 21 0:15

22. Track 22 0:47

23. Track 23 0:14

24. Track 24 0:14

25. Track 25 1:04

26. Track 26 0:35

27. Track 27 3:06

28. Track 28 2:05

29. Track 29 1:43

30. Track 30 2:27

31. Track 31 1:28

32. Track 32 2:50