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Miimo are a Japanese dub & electronica group consisting of Yoshio Machida, Norihide Saji and Tatsu, whose tracks have appeared in documentaries and TV spots throughout Japan.

miimo 2

Miimo: miimo 2 (Amorfon)
Label: Amorfon    
Released in: Japan    

"Miimo are a Japanese dub & electronica group consisting of Yoshio Machida, Norihide Saji and Tatsu, most prolific in Japan as a bassist in the fields of ska reggae and J-pop. Miimo's album release too (also entitled Miimo) is already becoming considerably well known with the tracks on the album appearing in documentaries and TV spots throughout Japanese television channels. Tuning into the first track alone leaves no doubt as to why this music would be so marketable. "Me Gusta Naranja" for example exemplifies the even mix of dub, bass and a reggae vibe from Yoshio"s steel pan while the electronica side gives a light and fluffy pace, ideally optimistic in sound but short on complexity, just the kind of music marketable for non-diegetic sound in documentary/ TV sequences. "Dub No.5" continues in similar vein, weaving dub & electronica to produce an even helping of both, the steel pan orchestrated more effectively here by simply adding an echo, all the elements combining once more to create another chilled and passive track. "Cold Skin" adds an engaging jazz element within the mix via an ephemeral yet striking saxophone solo that slowly melds with the rest of the ambience of the track, creating a new and lively dimension to a composition designed for tranquillity. "First" meanwhile opens with an electronica composition reminiscent of the sound of dripping water, this serene opener adds greatly to the overall effectiveness of the track, developing, when combined with more dubtronica and steel pan audio tapestry, a sound manufactured and designed for soothing contemplation. One of those albums ideal for post mash-up evenings, Miimo's release may not be the most exciting thing out there but as a genre piece it stands out via the steel pan/ reggae influence as well as for any westerners who may simply wish to pick up the release to get an idea of what Japanese dub sounds like (though on an ethnological level it is influenced far less from Japanese culture and far more from a mixture of Detroit and The Caribbean). All in all an interesting underground release ideal for passive listening."-Michael Byrne

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Product Information:

UPC: 4562144186034

Label: Amorfon
Catalog ID: miimo2-2009
Squidco Product Code: 12637

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Japan
Packaging: Plastic Snap Case

Tatsu-bass instrument, computer, sampler

Norihide Saji-drums, computer, laptop, sampler

Yoshio Machida-steel pan, electronics, computer, sampler

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Track Listing:

1. U Boy 3:16

2. Monkey Dub 3:54

3. Small Venus 3:55

4. To The Universe 4:09

5. Dub1218 4:37

6. Taxidermia 4:45

7. Fibo 4:03

8. Amazon Lily 4:17

9. Sora Ni Tsuretette 4:18

10. Happy Birthday 4:28

11. Prenzlauer Berg 3:49 A.M. 5:52