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Doc Chad in a collection of solo, duo, trio and ensemble performances from 2009, with studio, live, and radio performances, and 2 tracks from a large ensemble in Brussels.

Chadbourne, Eugene
The Island of Three Shreeves

Chadbourne, Eugene: The Island of Three Shreeves (Chadula)
Label: Chadula    
Released in: USA    

"The Island of Three Shreeves collects solo, duo, trio and ensemble performances from this year [2009]. While most of the material comes from a recent barnstorm through the midwest, including studio sessions with ace engineer Pink Bob (of Neil Innes fame), there are also fascinating performances involving a Belgian ensemble consisting entirely of musically inclined civil servants.

The CD is primarily Doc Chad originals with an ensemble cover of the Dueling Banjos theme thrown in for yucks. New songs include the incredible Bird Song" as well as "Pod", a vision for the future as well as a sad comment on today.

During the recent tour I revived some of my earliest jazz tunes first featured on the Volume One and Two solo albums, thus the CD title as there are three different versions of "The Shreeve" as well as new takes on "Marcella Bienvenue, "Amber, Misty I Know You're Misty" and the fabulous "Shreeve's Heaven"."-Eugene Chadbourne

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Product Information:

Label: Chadula
Catalog ID: 3shreeves
Squidco Product Code: 12172

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: USA
Packaging: CDR in a cardstock sleeve with Dr. Chad's unique packaging
Solo tracks: 1, 9 on the radio in St. Louis; 4, 6, 11 live in Chicago; 5, 10 live in Cleveland; 8, 13, 14 on the radio in Greensboro. Track 3 live in Austin. Track 2 studio track from Lexington, IL. Tracks 7, 12 live in Brussells.


Eugene Chadbourne-guitars, banjo, voice


Walter Daniels-harmonica


Brian Reedy-drums

Pink Bob-keyboards


Eric Doyen-guitar, sax

Yves Dewulf-sampler

Marc Brisaer-tabla, ethnic flutes

Joeroen Collier-indian harmonium, ethnic flutes

Ivo Machiels-drums

Stefan "Gershenstein" Verstraeten-double bass

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Track Listing:

1. Bird Song 5:15

2. Pod 5:26

3. Red Bull Liquor Bar 5:20

4. Wrestling Woman 4:52

5. Amber Misty I Know You're the Shreeve 6:20

6. Amber Misty Cus You Missed the Shreeve 11:37

7. Heeve's (?) 4:27

8. Dueling Banjos 3:05

9. Election Song 3:04

10. City of Corruption 3:55

11. Pile Up all Architechture 3:02

12. Don't Happy Be Worry 5:09

13. The Bottle Labeled Losers 4:50

14. Happy New Year 4:21