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Tim Brady with Bradyworks and Quatuor Molinari in a CD/DVD release of four synchronized musical, video & theater works, ambitious and fascinating compositional pieces.

Brady, Tim / Bradyworks, Quatuor Molinari
My 20th Century (CD + DVD) [DVD]

Brady, Tim / Bradyworks, Quatuor Molinari: My 20th Century (CD + DVD) [DVD] (Ambiances Jazz)
Label: Ambiances Jazz    
Released in: Canada    

"My 20th Century CD and DVD is a multimedia extravaganza from composer/guitarist Tim Brady in collaboration with video artists Martin Messier and Oana Suteu. Linking the history and the music of the 20th century in a single music/video narrative, the four strikingly original compositions are paired with four spectacular videos to create a new and intensified musical experience in this new Ambiances Magnétiques release.

"Strumming" is for multiple guitars, and uses a single musical gesture (strumming) and a single video image (the hand of a person strumming a guitar) to slowly build up a trance-like series of chords, melodies and visual textures.

"Traces" is a strongly jazz-inflected work for guitar, piano, percussion, saxophone and sampler which pays hommage to jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, and which combines with Martin Messier's extraordinary video creation, based on the 2 million letters in the DNA source code.

"Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg (Casino Adagio)" is a slow, haunting work for string quartet and electronic soundscape, played beautifully by Montréal's Quatuor Molinari, and placed in counterpoint to Oana Suteu's evocative images of Île-aux-Coudres and the Casino du Lac-Leamy.

"Double Quartet" is the most ambitious piece on the CD, a 3-movement work reflecting on the life of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, and his home town of St. Petersburgh. Combined with archival footage, and impressive and unexpected images of present-day St. Petersburgh, this 30-minute work speaks not only of the tragic history of the city, but also of the strength and determination which it has shown in the past."-Tim Brady, July 2009

In concert the videos are projected in synchronization to the music, and played without interuuption. The 4 works are linked by a series of short texts and theater actions, performed by the musicians.

DVD: NTSC; aspect ratio 4:3 (720x480); Dolby audio; all regions

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Product Information:

DVD: NTSC; aspect ratio 4:3 (720x480); Dolby audio; all regions

UPC: 771028118922

Label: Ambiances Jazz
Catalog ID: AM 189
Squidco Product Code: 12164

Format: CD & DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Canada
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve 3 panels

Tim Brady-composition, guitar


Tim Brady-electric guitar

Brigitte Poulin-piano

Andre Leroux-saxophones

Cather Meunier-percussions

David Cronkite-sampler

Quatuor Molinari:

Olga Ranzenhofer-violin

Johannes Jansonius-violin

Yukari Cousineau-alto

Julie Trudeau-cello


Tim Brady

Martin Messier

Oana Suteu

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Track Listing:


1. Strumming (Hommage a John Lennon) 10:51

2. Traces (Hommage a Charlie Christian) 10:48

3. Hommage a Rosa Luxemburg (Casino Adagio) 19:12

4. Double Quartet (Hommage a Dmitri Chostakovitch): Impossible Pizzicato Machine 7:54

5. Double Quartet (Hommage a Dmitri Chostakovitch): An Infinity of Four 9:39

6. Double Quartet (Hommage a Dmitri Chostakovitch): Hocket, Canon, Fugue 12:38


1. Strumming (Hommage à John Lennon) (Brady / Brady, Messier) (2005) 10:46

2. Traces (Hommage à Charlie Christian) (Brady / Messier) (2005) 10:47

3. Hommage à Rosa Luxemburg (Casino Adagio) (Brady / Brady, Suteu) (2003) 19:05

4. Double Quartet (Hommage à Dmitri Chostakovitch) (Brady / Messier) (2005) 30:08

  4. Impossible Pizzicato Machine 7:53

  5. An Infinity of Four 9:38

  6. Hocket, Canon, Fugue 12:37

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