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W.O.O. Presents Mambo Mantis: Connecting Branches (Sweetstuff Media)

Brooklyn's W.O.O.Mambo madness has nothing to do with mambos, but definitely with madness: psychedelic free noise jazz that mutates melody into riveting sonic jams.

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product information:

Label: Sweetstuff Media
Catalog ID: 22
Squidco Product Code: 12162

Format: CD
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2009
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel Tray
All music improvised and recorded live at Brecht Form, NYC on April 26, 2008 (track 1); Rockaway Artists' Alliance, Rockaway Beach, NY on September 25, 2008 (track 2); Rockaway Artist's Alliance on December 20, 2008 (tracks 3, 4); Douglass Street Collective, Brooklyn, NY on November 21, 2008 (track 5).


Ray Sage-drums

Bonnie Kane-sax.flute, efx

Blaise Siwula-reeds

Chris Welcome-electric guitar

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track listing:

1. A Breach in the Mind Silence 11:52

2. The Air of Another Place 6:06

3. Sea Grass by Moonlight 13:40

4. The Nearness of Other Worlds 6:46

5. Standing Inside the Sound 11:12
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NY Downtown & Jazz/Improv
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Brooklyn's Mambo Mantis in live recordings from four New York City locations, riveting free jazz incorporating electronics and noise with great straight-ahead playing.

"BONNIE KANE: saxophone, flute and electronics

(bandleader of W.O.O.: Mambo Mantis, WORLD OF TOMORROW, W.O.O., W.O.O.Revelator and musician in D.-I.S.K.)A pioneer in extended saxophone and electronics technique. A dedicated improvisor and bandleader with a focus on improvised composition, the composition being defined by the relationship of the players. "I am interested in the soul, in the deepest of feelings, in the magic moment of connection and creation."

Has been playing with drummer Ray Sage, since 1990, first in W.O.O., which mutated into W.O.O.Revelator. W.O.O.: Mambo Mantis is the next step in W.O.O. evolution. Rising from the changes in the new millenium, the sound is harder, more intricate, more extreme, more abstract, and more focused, than any previous W.O.O. incarnation. It's that kind of world, and this is music of that world.

RAY SAGE: drums

Dubbed "the unending force", Ray Sage rolls the drums like thick clouds moving fast across the sky - with shadows and wisps passing across the land, influencing the color of everything, There are periods of delicate hardcore rhythmic calms that transform into an intricate momentum of sheer power that rock every molecule. The astounded audience is often initially left in a state of stunned silence which rapidly gives way to wild cheers.The son of a drummer, Ray has continued the family trade mesmerizing audiences throughout the US, Japan and Europe. Came to NYC during the early 1980's and joined the legendary, wild noise rock punkparty band outfit, the Reverb Motherfuckers, who defined the extremes of what a live NYC show could be. Was also active with Dogbowl and King Missile, making several recordings on the Shimmy Disc label. Has toured and recorded with Ron Anderson in several projects, including PAK. Joined W.O.O. with Bonnie Kane in 1990 and never stopped.


Traveling the gray area of composer and improvisor, the sweet tones of Blaise Siwula's horns have graced many stage and recordings. He has worked with Cecil Taylor, Tan Dun, William Parker, Joseph Daly, Donald Miller, Peter Kowald, John Fischer, Vincent Chancey, Newman Taylor Baker, John Voigt, Matthew Paris, Adam Lane and Joseph Scianni.A visual artist and multi-instrumentalist, Blaise arrived in NYC via Detroit and Europe in1989 and became actively involved with the NYC Scene. He is the founder and director of the C.O.M.A. series at ABC No-Rio, NYC, presenting adventurous music on a weekly basis. Blaise has toured all over Europe, the U.S., and Korea and has release numerous recordings.


What rock should have been if it could...What jazz could be if it would...

Daring, challenging, explosive, intricate, intense, the current manifestation of the W.O.O. energy as Mambo Mantis is for the serious and brave audio explorer. It's a journey into the details of the senses, the edges of sounds, where individuality blurs to molecules. The soul pours out through the sound to blend with the universal soul. It will open the mind and you must be willing or you will miss it."-W.O.O. Web

Get additional information at W.0.O. Web

Artist Biographies:

"Blaise Siwula. Born 02-19-1950 in Detroit, MI.

I have been involved with the arts for most of my life. I began studying the alto sax at the age of 14 in middle school and have been playing/ studying in varying capacities since.

After periodic explorations of drama, poetry, architecture, visual art, a B.F.A. and a M.F.A. and a stint in Europe, I arrived in NYC in 1989 with my family and an alto sax.In the past 26 years I have been actively involved with the NYC Improv Scene: Amica Bunker, the Improvisers Collective and most recently the C.O.M.A. series at ABC No-Rio since 1998.

As a composer I have incorporated traditional musical scoring techniques with visual/graphical and performance oriented presentations and a simple philosophy- sound and vision are inter-related in life and art resulting in communication.

As a performer I have been honored to perform in a number of states in the USA and Canada as well countries such as Great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Morocco, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, Portugal, Mexico, Slovenia, Denmark, South Korea and Austria.

Although primarily an alto saxophonist I play a number of reed, flute, percussion and string instruments at varying degrees of competency per composition requirements and recently began including computer altered sound files in performance as background for improvisation.Currently my instruments of choice are:Alto, Tenor & Soprano SaxophonesBb Clarinet, Eb Alto Cl & Bb Bass Cl

This has resulted in my performing and collaborating with an extreme variety of types of improvised musicians including...

David Haney, Guitarist Sten Hostfalt Saulo Ferreira, Danny Martin, Paul LeGrande & Stuart King, Doug Walker's Alien PlanetscapesCecil Taylor's Ptonagas Microtone composer and guitaristJohn Gilbert William Hooker's Ensembles, Judy Dunaway's Balloon TrioRowe Siwula Miano Trio Dialing Privileges Trio w. Dom Minasi & John Bollinger BCJ Trio with Chris Welcome & John McCellan A + B2 with Robert Marsh Market Street Jazz w. Ken Simon, Hal Onserud, Karen Borca & Jackson Krall Dagaz Trio w. William Parker & Michael Evans BE Duet w. Evan Gallagher Tan Dun Katsuyuki Itakura - "Big Hearts" and now "New York Encuentro" Michael Khoury The Improvisors Collective (NYC), Glass Factory w. Donald Miller, Duet with Ravi Padmanabha, The B & B Duet w. Bob Meyer Erie Nites w. Robyn Siwula, HSM w. Gary Hassay & Toshi Makihara, Trio with Eyal Maoz & Dale Miller, The Jeff Platz Ensemble Joseph Scianni, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut Music in the Foreground w. Ge-Suk Yeo, the Slam trio w. Adam Lane & Toshi Makihara, The Lower Eastside Social Club w. Matty Paris, Gregory Wildes, Christobal Jacques and Drew Gardner, Expositions of Freedom Now! w. Vattel Cherry & Jeff Arnal, MAMBO MANTIS w. Bonnie Kane, Chris Welcome & Ray Sage, Guitarist Carsten Radtke

I have been honored also to work with these musicians and composers - Peter Kowald, John Fischer, Perry Robinson, Newman Taylor Baker, John Voigt, Wilber Morris Clare De Brunner, Joseph Daly, Vincent Chancey, Christoph Irmer, Maria de Alvear, Theo Jorgesmann, Ralff Schussel, Hans Tammen, Killick, Phillip Lang, Tini Hagler, Michael Zerang, Fred Lomberg Holmes, Stan Nishimura, Nils Gerod, Jesse Henry, Louis Barnes, Mark Hennen, Rashid Bakar, Pelthead, Fly, Frank Keeley, Christian Begemann, Pieter Prije, Olaf Rupp, Harri Sjorstrom, Richard Keene, Tor Snyder, Bob Littman, Matt Weston, Eric Zinman, Glynnis Lomon, Tatsuya Nakatani, Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen, Heiner Metzger, Hans Schüttler, Likas Ligeti, Sarah Weaver, James Ilgenfritz, Motoko Shimizu, Ed Chang, Brian Osborne, Raoul Björkenheim, Sei Mguel, Fala Mariam, Margarida Garcia, Manuel Mota, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues, Moe Staiano, Hill Greene, Joe McPhee, Daniel Carter, Christopher Forbes, Bern Nix, Paul Hession, Francois Grillot, Yuki Saga, Ryusaku Ikezawa, Jiro Shoda, Syd Smart, Mario Rechtern, Jacques Nobili, Hannes Schweiger, Hermann Stangassinger, John Edwards, Mick Beck, Paul Moore, Mike Fortune, Kit Demos, Gary Wallen, Django Carranza, Brian Groder, Jordon Schranz, Mike Pride, Alan Wilkinson

-Blaise Siwula Website (

"From sparse chamber-jazz to spastic avant-metal, Chris Welcome lends his unique voice to a variety of ensembles. He has performed withHOT DATE, Apocalypso, Mothguts, Mike Pride's Drummer's Corpse, his own quartet, and many others. As a composer, he has written extensively for his quartet and for various chamber ensembles. His compositions combine space and pointillism with extended techniques, electronics and a loose, Jazz sensibility. Chris Welcome attended Rutgers University where he studied closely with Vic Juris, Stanley Cowell, and Ralph Bowen. He was born in 1980 in New York and grew up in the Chicago area where he studied guitar with Frank Portolese. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY."

-Chris Welcome Website (

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