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Marchetti, Lionel / Jean-Baptiste Favory

100 000 Annees (Kitnabudja town / Des Speres)

Marchetti, Lionel / Jean-Baptiste Favory: 100 000 Annees (Kitnabudja town / Des Speres) (Monotype)

2 CDs, one each by - Marchetti: a work of dense and excursive sound collage - and by Favory: a narrative for our 7 closest celestial neighbors mixed from 7 electronic improvisations.

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product information:

Label: Monotype
Catalog ID: mono 020
Squidco Product Code: 11818

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: Poland
"Kitnabudja tow" was composed in 1990-93, first edition was released on Metamkind in 1995. "Des sphères" was recorded in 2006 at the Stu-Stu with the help of Iannis Xenakis Musical Center (CCMIX).


Lionel Marchetti

Jean-Baptiste Favory

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track listing:

Disc 1:

Kitnabudja Town:

1. a 2:35

2. b 1:54

3. c 1:26

4. d 4:27

5. e 3:01

6. f 5:10

7. g 1:18

8. h 7:15

9. i 2:07

10. j 3:39

11. k 0:52

12. l 0:59

13. m 3:35

14. n 3:35

15. o 3:32

16. p 2:58

17. q 0:26

18. r 2:03

19. s 3:38

20. t 4:46

21. u 5:11

22. v 4:17

23. w 2:47

24. x 3:25

25. y 0:41

26. z 0:13

Disc 2

1. Des Sphere 51:00

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Sound, Noise, &c.
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""Kitnabudja Town" is a fascinating and abounding composition, a colossal encyclopaedia to dissect with patience, an unseen sound collage that revives with the beloved techniques of the surrealists to reach a kind of automatic writing, a flux of thinking that is nor music, neither science, philosophy, neither eastern, nor western, at the same time electronic and shamanic... using studio techniques that we can discern as archaic, lionel marchetti bends and pummels his sources until their last death rattle, being not afraid of distractions and collisions. A dense, visceral and generous work."

Des Sphères composed by Jean-Baptiste Favory

"Comprising seven electronic improvisations, this piece is inspired by the movement of the seven celestial bodies closest to the earth with the sun as a central axis. Each planet is represented by two sounds: one concrete, the other synthetic. The concrete sound is not audible but modulates the synthetic sound in amplitude and frequency. The result is then processed using several effects to obtain a sound in constant evolution and partly random. Without seeking to reproduce an existing astronomic model whitch is taken for reality, the piece proposes a quasiorganic vision of what in former times was named "Thespheres" wherein the forces were realeased by the movements of celestial bodies, acted directly on mankind."-Monotype

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