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Gburek, Jeff: Remote Provinces (Aural Terrains)

Gburek composes with materials including prepared guitar, signal processor, electronics, turntables and field recordings to create these dynamic aural journeys.

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product information:

UPC: 634479960994

Label: Aural Terrains
Catalog ID: TRRN0307
Squidco Product Code: 11747

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Greece/UK
Packaging: Digipack
Composed, mixed, and mastered in Poznan, Poland, 2009.


Jeff Gburek-field recordings, prepared guitars, electronics, turntables, computer, objects

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track listing:

1. Kreuzberg--Neukölln--Kleve 4:13

2. Grace--Hollogne--Liege 19:59

3. Zbasyn--Poznan 10:27

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"This CD Remote Provinces, composed of materials recorded in Germany, Belgium, and Poland, mixed in with my own prepared guitar and signal processors, requires with each listening a process of interpretation. They are not documentaries nor are they pure: I cannot imagine as a naturalist that one edits out impurity. I cannot imagine that as critic of naturalism one edits out impurities. So in some sense it is a work that is in argument with formalist phonography yet it accepts the basic premise which I call ``seeding across time``. My work is a bit like what one might call ``wild-scaping``---allowing urban decay to express itself unchecked while nature takes over. It is in this regard I include ``technical breakdowns``: wrinkles to remain in the table-cloth, stains on the tie or runs in one`s stockings to show through. Some sounds are designed to enter the ``center`` of ego-consciousness, while others seem peripheral. And yet I have invested equal energy in these ``remote`` fringes and I like to imagine the music evolves with your environment and rides on a continuum of sound that surpasses every rendering and is renewed with each listening. The ``remote provinces`` are all around us. They may be places of exile but also places of solitude, introspection and transcendance but they are nevertheless characterized by ruptures and coincidences of attention. Each of us is a remote province integrating and disintegrating, emerging from and immersed in empire. I have tried to build in sound a sense of worlds inside worlds living, at the occasional expense of transparency, transparently."-Jeff Gburek

"Jeff Gburek

Jeff Gburek is a multi-disciplinarian artist, guitarist /electronic music composer/sound sculptor currently living in Poznan, Poland after his extended stay in Berlin. He uses extended & prepared guitar techniques, signal processing, open source applications and phonographies to create richly textural, polyhedral music. Info: For 10 years he has worked with dance/theater artist Ephia in Djalma Primordial Science , evolving a praxis of body and sound through performance and pedagogy. Concerts with Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama, Michael Vorfeld, Pascal Battus, Annette Krebs, Raven Chacon, Tom Carter, Yannick Franck, Olivier Pe, show him crossing many strains of improvised, electro-acoustic and experimental music, most recently performing with John Tilbury, Eddie Prevost and Phil Durrant the scores of Feldman, Cardew, Christian Wolf and LaMonte Young at Warsaw’s Ad Libitem Festival, 2008. He was a resident artist at STEIM in Amsterdam, September 2005 and awarded a scholarship in 2006 to study composition in Darmstadt with Helmut Lachenmann. CD releases on Triple Bath, Absurd, Nur Nicht Nur and Foxy Digitalis. His commitment to releasing major works free to the public through net releases includes, Gnarly Root Queen, Murmurs, and Mass & Momentum."-Aural Terrains

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