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Cohn, Steve : Iro Iro (Red Toucan)

Pianist Cohn brought this ensemble together to explore new sounds in improvised chamber ensembles, finding the right voices with Kevin Norton, Tomas Ulrich, and Masahiko Kono.

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UPC: 777078915344

Label: Red Toucan
Catalog ID: RT 9334
Squidco Product Code: 10056

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Canada
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded January 31, 1999 at the Knitting Factory, NYC by Jon Rosenberg.


Steve Cohn-piano, shakuhachi, hichiriki, shofar, ektara, percussion

Masahiko Kono-trombone

Tomas Ulrich-cello

Kevin Norton-drums, vibes, percussion

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track listing:

1. Ohio 14:46

2. Konnichiwa 15:33

3. Kombawa 15:08

4. Oyasuminasai 9:37
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"The Iro Iro band was formed during a period when I wished to bring some new ensembles together and used the Knitting Factory in New York to do it. I was currently still working with my chamber unit formed for the 1993 Miller Theater concert with Bass, french horn, violin and piano, shakuhachi, etc. I think my work with Thurman Barker was still in my mind. IÕve always loved the sound of vibes or marimba together with piano. But I was searching for new members. I became aware of Kevin Norton and checked him out at one of his gigs. I always reflect on the vibration of the person not just their music. Kevin had a nice spiritual side and I felt he would lend himself well to the shakuhachi and other ethnic and percussion instruments I use and also he played the orchestral percussion, drums and vibes like Thurman Barker.

The cello was exploring without bass and Kono had a Japanese simplicity to his playing and beautiful tone. His electronics were another avenue. Tomas had a good relationship with Kevin as they had also played many times together. Truly this ensemble in my opinion became magical almost immediately. The hichiriki and cello, the shakuhachi and trombone vibes cello. The playful exploring and the power of the blues and jazz feel.

Now add Jon Rosenberg, wonderful at live recording and two concerts of this music was beautifully captured. The Iro Iro band is an extension of my chamber quartet with very different colors and a whole new slew of personalities. I am very happy that Michel Passaretti showed such distinct interest in these recordings.

One more note about the name of this ensemble. Iro Iro is a Japanese word which means this and that or a variety of things, and the word Iro is the word for color."-Steve Cohn

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