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Minton, Phil

No Doughnuts in Hand - 37 Solo Vocal Improvisations

Minton, Phil: No Doughnuts in Hand - 37 Solo Vocal Improvisations (Emanem)

Minton's 3rd release in his doughnut reduction series, solo vocal work in Minton's unique and inimitable style that he hopes will cheer you up in these troubled times.

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product information:

UPC: 5030243414826

Label: Emanem
Catalog ID: 4148
Squidco Product Code: 9815

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Jewel Tray
All digital recordings made in Welwyn Garden City (near London) by Veryan Weston. Tracks 1 - 16: April 19, 2007; Tracks 17 - 37: April 20, 2007


Phil Minton-voice

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track listing:

1. no doughnuts in hand 1 0:39

2. no doughnuts in hand 2 2:30

3. no doughnuts in hand 3 0:35

4. no doughnuts in hand 4 1:30

5. no doughnuts in hand 5 1:48

6. no doughnuts in hand 6 2:22

7. para five 1:13

8. no doughnuts in hand 7 1:28

9. no doughnuts in hand 8 0:57

10. no doughnuts in hand 9 1:27

11. no doughnuts in hand 10 2:03

12. no doughnuts in hand 11 1:27

13. no doughnuts in hand 12 0:57

14. no doughnuts in hand 13 1:18

15. no doughnuts in hand 14 2:12

16. no doughnuts in hand 15 2:31

17. no doughnuts in hand 16 1:56

18. no doughnuts in hand 17 2:07

19. no doughnuts in hand 18 1:44

20. no doughnuts in hand 19 1:45

21. short wilkins 0:46

22. vo be dayish 0:54

23. no doughnuts in hand 20 1:07

24. no doughnuts in hand 21 0:49

25. no doughnuts in hand 22 1:34

26. breath out one 0:28

27. breath out two 0:32

28. breath out three 0:24

29. breath out four 0:33

30. breath out five 0:26

31. eyeful 0:55

32. team spirit 2:43

33. para plus 1:11

34. rubbish 2:53

35. breath out again 0:38

36. and again 0:26

37. i have given this much more thought than blair did before he decided to invade iraq 2:04

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"This is the 3rd of my doughnut reduction series. I know things aren't getting better but I hope the singing cheers you up a bit. I would prefer to sing with other people and most of the time that's what I do. But it seems every ten years or so I need to sing a few songs on my own.

I recorded these pieces in the same order as on the CD and this is the best way to listen if you have the time."-Phil Minton, from the liner notes

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