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Follow-up to their Tzadik CD, surprising shorter pieces developed from the editing of Haino's lyrical and extreme guitar and voice in conjunction with Yoshida's percussion, keys and voice.

Haino, Keiji / Tatsuya, Yoshida

Haino, Keiji / Tatsuya, Yoshida: Hauenfiomiume (Magaibutsu)
Label: Magaibutsu    
Released in: Japan    

Follow-up to their Tzadik CD, this presents surprising "pop" pieces, shorter works developed by Yoshida's editing of Haino's equally lyrical and extreme guitar work and vocals, in conjunction with Yoshida's percussion, keyboards and voice. One part pop, one part hardcore, one part industrial, one part indescribable (ok, that's a lot of parts!) It's music as only Haino or the Ruins could possibly make, the extremes of their genre are presented in pieces that is both embraceable and technically superb, with a bizarre sense of humor glimpsing through. Much is made of the controversial nature of editing down Haino, but the bottom line is that the results really work, the pieces are fascinating, and both artists are shown to be far-reaching and active musicians that they are. Recommended.

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Product Information:

Label: Magaibutsu
Catalog ID: MGC 034CD
Squidco Product Code: 9665

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Japan
Packaging: Cardstock foldover

Haino Keiji-electric guitar, flute, soprano laute, vocal

Yoshida Tatsuya-drums, keyboards, bass, vocals

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Track Listing:

1. Yeudhujiuasich 1:29

2. Ryufoispjekkossd 5:40

3. Wacqdhiepdhii 4:01

4. Vjndoiphllkaudo 2:50

5. Tyusijuffuchio 3:32

6. PosDJigpormg 2:09

7. Lokskooidgiifj 3:44

8. Jaiduioqofjomb 3:02

9. Xhuddggoipps 3:14

10. BiufjiooDJasdk 2:43

11. MDJofollswufph 2:26

12. Lakdddffkouwwe 3:12

13. Hgasdeyohweijk 3:24

14. Chizdaafgeiiuuh 2:33

15. Mkdoijadihffo 4:37

16. Uhrfasudhasdd 1:40