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Sophisticated, certain and advanced improvisation from London's great pianist Veryan Weston with superb newcomers Marshall and Fukuda.

Trio Of Uncertainty

Trio Of Uncertainty: Unlocked (Emanem)
Label: Emanem    
Released in: Great Britain    

"A trio for violin, cello and piano inevitably evokes a chamber music tradition far removed from free improvisation, and in fact if one were to choose a few moments at random from the music on this CD it might well be impossible to tell whether the musicians were creating spontaneously or reading notation. However, listening for more than a few seconds to any of these pieces would reveal a structure whose unfolding is clearly the result of three minds working in the moment, rather than a single mind planning in advance. Almost all the ingredients of classical (and 'modern') chamber music are there - melody, harmony, accompaniment, counterpoint, expositions and developments - but completely and naturally incorporated within an improvisational mode of composition. If I say that the music 'sounds composed', what I mean is that it sounds composed by improvisers whose alertness and sense of form is often quite startling, rather than that it sounds as if it was written down in any form.

I begin with these observations because they were the first impressions to strike my ear when listening. They form one of the fascinating aspects of this music, which isn't to say that there aren't many others, like the way that the bowed instruments thread themselves in and out of the piano's equal-tempered grid, the way that the collective 'harmony' is intuitively structured so as to emphasise lines and gestures over 'chords' while seldom straying too far from the inherited sonic vocabulary of the instruments (no piano-interior or preparations, for example), and the subtly sprung rhythmical interplay between the members of the trio.

As Evan Parker puts it, All improvisation from an instrumentalist is in a sense 'prepared' improvisation since the given knowledge of instrument and instrumental technique inevitably have an influence on the approach to and the course taken - and this preparation is certainly evident in the fluent virtuosity with which all three players approach the project, although what is truly special about it is the spontaneity with which their imaginations, held back by no technical limitations, coalesce and separate, interweave and interject, with the musical momentum constantly thrown from one player to another to produce 'chamber music' in the truest and most contemporary sense."-Richard Barrett, from the liner notes

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Product Information:

UPC: 5030243414123

Label: Emanem
Catalog ID: 4141
Squidco Product Code: 8791

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Jewel tray, not sealed.
Digital studio recordings made in Pinewood, near London by Steve Lowe, March 13, 2007.


Satoko Fukuda-Violin

Hannah Marshall-Cello

Veryan Weston-Piano

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Track Listing:

1. Epitome 3:52

2. Gutter 4:04

3. Unlocked 5:14

4. Lost Ballad &Amp; Antidote 9:42

5. Hypnogogia 1:22

6. Sweep Up 2:58

7. For This Were A Dream 2:51

8. Unhinged 11:20

9. Tightrope 6:00

10. Periodic Questioning 12:52

Total time 60:43