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Two live conducted improvisations percussion for large group recorded at the Oakland Box Theater, presenting the 6 part Piece No.11: Two Orchestras in Separate Rooms.

Staiano's, Moe! - MOE!KESTRA!
2 Rooms Of Uranium Within 83 Markers: Conducted Improvisations, Vol.II

Staiano's, Moe! - MOE!KESTRA!: 2 Rooms Of Uranium Within 83 Markers: Conducted Improvisations, Vol.I (Edgetone Records)
Label: Edgetone Records    
Released in: USA    

Former Sleepytime Gorilla Museum drummer Moe! Staiano presents two live conducted improvisations percussion for large group recorded at the Oakland Box Theater, one short piece, "Depleted Uranium," and the 6 part Piece No.11: Two Orchestras in Separate Rooms. Staiano presided over the piece, splitting the orchestra into adjoining rooms, allowing the audience to wander from room to room to experience and participate in the show. The show was also a fundraiser to draw attention to the use of uranium as a weapon by the US in Iraq. Complex rhythmic improv using a seething but controlled orchestra of guitar, horns, brass, turntable, percussion and turntable.

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Improvised Music
Electro-Acoustic Improv
October 2007
Free Improvisation

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Product Information:

Label: Edgetone Records
Catalog ID: EDT4050
Squidco Product Code: 8773

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: USA
Packaging: Jewel tray, not sealed.
Recorded live in performance by Karen Stackpole, May 6, 2003; and by Michael Zelner, August 3, 2004; at the Oakland Box Theater, Oakland, CA.


David Slusser-Bass Clarinet

Allan Whitman-Bass, Drums

George Cremaschi-Double Bass

The Pat Moran Quartet-Guitar

Rent Romus-C-Melody Sax

Carla Kihlstedt-Vocals

Christopher Brown-Double Bass

Marika Hughes-Cello

Scott Rosenberg-Bass Clarinet

Lucio Menegon-Guitar

Aaron Bennett-Clarinet

Peter Valsamis-Dumbek, Cymbals

Jeff Hobbs-Violin

Ches Smith-Drums

Lisa Mezzacappa-Double Bass

Michael Guarino-Percussion

Darren Johnston-Trumpet

Sam Ospovat-Percussion

Matt Davignon-Turntables

Michael A. Perlmutter-Tenor Sax

Alan Anzalone-Tenor Sax, Cover Graphics

Jason Levis-Percussion, Bowls

Bob Marsh-Accordion, Tap Dance

Jennifer Baker-Trombone

Myles Boisen-Guitar

Chris Broderick-Clarinet

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Track Listing:

1. Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 6: Depleted Uranium 10:07

2. Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 11: Two Orchestras in Separate Rooms 12:51

3. Untitled 5:59

4. Untitled 3:50

5. Untitled 3:52

6. Untitled 7:49

7. Untitled 6:07