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Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake

Wi77!N6 : Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake (Evolving Ear)
Label: Evolving Ear    
Released in: USA    

There's no doubt that Fritz Welch and Ian Christie are part of the strange new improvisation world that includes bands like psi (Peeesseye), the work of Chris Forsythe or Tim Olive. This recording was made in 2000 by drummer/pounder/scraper/whistler Fritz Welch and guitarist Ian Christe in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and has sat on the shelves ever since. The band Wi77!N6 is no more, but in their heyday the released several collectible cassettes, and played shows with Deerhoof, Gavin + Delia, and Harry Pussy. Ian Christe is now a part of Peeesseye, which will be evident to any fan of that band who listens to Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake. Packaged in a "vomit inducing glossy digipak covered in Fritz Welch's artowkr and really rather tasteless design by Ian Christe," it's a great and twisted "time capsule of detuned, metal-tinged guitar, guileless synth blurts, splattering faux gamelan percussion, and disembodied voices."

Limited edition of 300. BTW, Wi77!N6 stands for "Willing"...

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Product Information:

Limited edition of 300. BTW, Wi77!N6 stands for "Willing"...

Label: Evolving Ear
Catalog ID: EE19
Squidco Product Code: 8502

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2000.


Fritz Welch -drums & percussion

Ian Christe-guitar

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Track Listing:

1. The Divine Light Irradiates All Things Equally 5:47

2. Unworthy Am I 3:37

3. Slurping Through Holes in My Spacesuit 7:28

4. Contacted for Multiple Headbirth 3:39

5. Spoiled Fruit/Global Market 5:23

6. The Barren Slope 2:36

7. A New Nest for Mr. Pest 9:19

8. 'fflicted 1:31

9. Hungry, Hungry Lips 10:47

10. Ham Sandwich Shuffling 5:39

11. Montrose Ave Will Be the Next and Last Stop :25

12. Sicky Sick-up 5:08