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Gunter, Bernhard / Friedl, Heribert

Gunter, Bernhard / Friedl, Heribert: TRANS~ (Non Visual Objects (NVO))
Label: Non Visual Objects (NVO)    
Released in: Austria    

"The most striking characteristic of TRANS~ is the use of a field recording of a group of three small power transformers I conceived as a kind of improvised piece, changing microphone positions to cull different sounds and overtone spectra from the transformers' intense hum. The field recording became our basis track for TRANS~, and is exceptionally well and seamlessly embedded in the piece.

Heribert plays his amplified Hackbrett (cymbalon or hammered dulcimer), I play my electric cellotar, a self-made bamboo flute, and three harmonicas (two vintage Hohner BluesHarps bought in the 70's and a Hopf 'Golden Hit'). Unlike on Ataraxia, the flute took the back seat this time because the harmonicas' overtone spectrum blended so well with that of the transformers, and helped creating the harmonic richness of the piece.

When asked to describe the piece, the first expression that came to my mind was 'music like weather' - a series of changes and transformations, a myriad of details that unfold according to their own intrinsic logic, but to no intended purpose, and invite the listener to follow their constant becoming and vanishing."-Bernhard Günter

Heribert Friedl is an Austrian sound/visual/sensory artist based in vienna. He studied sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Working with scents and its non visual phenomenons in combination with sounds. He has had exhibitions and projects in cities of hungary, germany, england, italy, the uS, Cuba, and Austria. He has collaborated with Bernhard Günter, Dale Lloyd and John Norman (Radian), and has CD releases on Trente Oiseaux, and/OAR; mp3 releases on Con-V and Earlabs. He also runs the label "nonvisualobjects" in collaboration with Raphael Moser.

"Bernhard Günter, born 1957 in Irlich, Germany, begins his musical life playing the drums at age 12, then changes to electric guitar at 17. He moves to Paris in 1980, where he takes up auto-didactic studies of contemporary composition techniques in the libraries of IRCAM and the Centre Pompidou, and attends Pierre Boulez's lectures at IRCAM and Collège de France.

Returning to Germany in 1986, he starts working on computer-based music in 1987; after four years of preparation and one year of work he releases his influential first CD Un Peu de Neige Salie (1993), followed by Détails Agrandis (1994). In 1995, he founds his own label, trente oiseaux. During the following decade, Günter releases numerous CDs and performs his music around the globe. Un Peu de Neige Salie is listed as one of the Top "100 Albums that set the World on Fire" by The Wire, one of his works receives an Honorable Mention at the 1999 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA.

After a decade of composing electroacoustic music, Günter re-discovers his interest in playing instruments and improvised music in 2004.

In 2005, Günter adds various bamboo flutes, the shakuhachi and the xiao among others, to his sound palette, and begins exploring a middle course between composition and improvisation that uses multi-tracking, editing, and arranging improvised parts that are exchanged between artists through the mail. The first result of this approach (which Günter tentatively calls 'compovisation') is the release of Ataraxia (2005) in collaboration with Heribert Friedl."-Berhard Günter website

Numbered Edition of 300

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Product Information:

Numbered Edition of 300

Label: Non Visual Objects (NVO)
Catalog ID: NVO 006
Squidco Product Code: 7858

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Austria
Packaging: Individually numbered cardstock sleeve

Bernhard Günter-electric cellotar, self-made bamboo flute, harmonicas

Heribert Friedl-amplified Hackbrett (cymbalon or hammered dulcimer)

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Track Listing:

1. trans~ 44:41