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Ives, Charles / Wyschnegradsky, Ivan
Quarter-Tone Pieces

Ives, Charles / Wyschnegradsky, Ivan: Quarter-Tone Pieces (Hat [now] ART)
Label: Hat [now] ART    
Released in: Switzerland    

"Wyschnegradsky saw microtonality as a mystical impulse, a metaphysical method of transcendence; not so for the pragmatic Ives, whose father invented instruments and playfully experimented with twisted tonalities and microtonal singing. For Ives, microtonality was another technique (along with his fistful-of-notes clusters, collisions of keys, out-of-tune quotations, and multiple marching band allusions) toward the ultimate acceptance of all conceivable dissonances. Today, Ives' and Wyschnegradsky's time has finally come. For 21 years there has been a Festival of Microtonal Music in New York, attracting ever younger generations of composers; for over a decade now electronic musicians engaged in ambient, trance, dance, and improvisational idioms are using the kind of free frequency sonorities that Wyschnegradsky idealized. In his rare essay Some Quarter-Tone Impressions, Ives wondered "How much of a fight will the ears have to put up?" For more listeners than ever before, the fight is nearly over."- Art Lange

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October 2006

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Product Information:

UPC: 752156014324

Label: Hat [now] ART
Catalog ID: 143
Squidco Product Code: 6917

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardstock foldover
Recorded April 9-11, 2001 at Sendesaal Hessischer Rundfunk by Christoph Franke


Josef Christof-piano

Steffen Schleirmacher-piano

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Track Listing:

1-12. 24 Preludes in Quarter Tone System (1934/70) excerpts-Ivan Wyschnegradsky

13-15. Three Quarter-Tone Pieces for Two Pianos (1903-23)-Charles Ives

16. Three Page Sonata (1905)-Charles Ives

17. Etude sur le "Carre Magique Sonore" op.40 (1957)-Ivan Wyschnegradsky