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Lambs Gamble (Cremaschi / Welch)
Memory Collapse

Lambs Gamble (Cremaschi / Welch): Memory Collapse (Evolving Ear)
Label: Evolving Ear    
Released in: USA    

"Fritz Welch is part of Psi (or "Peeesseye"), one of the most idiosyncratic improvising groups on the American scene; George Cremaschi has played with a lot of big names such as Evan Parker, Fred Frith and Nels Cline. Nothing of the above will prepare you to "Memory collapse", which is a collection of miniature oddities for percussion, objects and double bass that rips several pages from the comic book of free music while also massaging the skull with some eerie drone-based acousti/cution, fascinating like menacing your neighbour's children with a Swiss knife only to give it to them as a present after you scared them to death. Repetitive-but-not-too-much clangorous procedures and the fairly splintered interplay between Welch and Cremaschi contribute to establish a fractured, involving narrative that stands behind an intransigent ideology made of extravagant adornments and endless convulsion. A plausible choice for two musicians who accept no boundaries as far as ramshackle aesthetics is concerned."-Massimo Ricci/Touching Exteremes

"George Cremaschi works with a variety of approaches and strategies in the areas overlapping music, sound art and noise. In thirty years as a composer and performer he has worked with a long and diverse list of distinguished musicians, dancers and choreographers, filmmakers, installation artists, and writers. Some of his current projects include the groups KRK (w/Matthew Ostrowski), Rohr Rohr (w/dieb13 and Gino Robair) and Lambs Gamble (w/Fritz Welch and Eric Boros). He is also the founder (w/Petr Vrba) and director of Pražský Improvizační Orchestr (PIO), a 15-member group working with conducted and free improvisation and graphic scores.

As an interpreter, he has performed works by many composers including Adamčiak, Andriessen, Braxton, Cage, Cardew, Feldman, Mingus, Oliveros, Penderecki, Tenney, Xenakis, etc and has appeared on over 40 recordings on Apestaartje, Beak Doctor, Black Saint, Emanem, Evander, Evolving Ear, Leo, Music & Arts, Nine Winds, Rastascan and other labels. Born in New York where he studied music and composition, he later lived for many years in California and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic."

-George Cremaschi Website (

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Product Information:

Label: Evolving Ear
Catalog ID: EE16
Squidco Product Code: 6348

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Foldover in a clear vinyl sleeve
Recorded by Uptown Willis at Black Helicopter, NYC


George Cremaschi

Fritz Welch

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Track Listing:

1. (Internal) Denial

2. Everything Works as One Might Expect

3. Fails to Grow

4. Central Methodological Assumption

5. Inchoate Quest

6. Indulgent Anachronism

7. Vibratinos Along Nerve Fibres

8. Boogie-woogie Backup

9. Pervasive Unreliability

10. Reality Intrudes Into Fantasy

11. Inevitablle Catastrophic Interference

12. Metal Time Travel

13. Source of Modern Alienation

14. Infantile Amensia Followed by Snack

15. An Internal Theatre

16. Disorderly Floating