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Voice Crack_Muller

Voice Crack_Muller: Buda_Rom (For4Ears)
Label: For4Ears    
Released in: Austria    

"Although the duo Voice Crack has performed with percussionist Gunter Muller before, this is the first time they have recorded together without additional musicians. The results are mixed, in part because of the limited palette. Voice Crack is, of course, Norbert Moslang and Andy Guhl, who have perfected the art of using twisted "everyday electronics" for musical effects. While their concept is theoretically sound, sometimes they appear surprisingly lame, with repetitive rhythms and ambient tones. Often, though, they hit the mark with crackles and snaps that subvert the landscape. You might understandably misconstrue them for battle-scarred bombs that fill the air with unabashedly bombastic platitudinous airs. Yet there is a simple charm, too, an endearing restlessness that relentlessly pursues the cracks and valleys, filling them with strange noises and oppressively radical spurts and clusters. It is impossible to tell who's who, but the finished product is best heard as acollective outreach, one that dispenses with traditional notions and embraces the short-wave radio on the loose. Nothing is sacred, as static, silence, noise, and irritating scratches take the forefront. For those who like chili in their coffee, this is the perfect fix, with scratch-like precision and industrial effrontery subduing conservative harmony."-Steve Loewy,

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Electro-Acoustic Improv
January 2007
Trio Recordings

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Product Information:

UPC: 7619942134426

Label: For4Ears
Catalog ID: FORCD1344
Squidco Product Code: 1582

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Austria
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded at Festival Controindicazioni, Roma, Italy 15.10.2000, and at vii. szünetjel festival, Budapest, Hungary 01.12.2000


Andy Guhl-cracked everyday electronics

Norbert Moslang-cracked everyday electronics

Gunter Muller-selected percussion, MD's, electronics

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Track Listing:

1. roma_one

2. buda_one

3. roma_two

4. buda_two

5. rama_three

6. buda_three

7. roma_four