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The Brazilian duo of Silvia Ocougne and Chico Mello, residing in Berlin, create a sonic collage of traditional popular and contemporary elements influenced by both Berlin and Brazil, using the unusual orchestration of instruments including tuba, matchbox, clarinet, &c.

Ocougne, Sylvia / Chico Mello
Musica Brasileira Descomposta

Ocougne, Sylvia / Chico Mello: Musica Brasileira Descomposta (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records    
Released in: Germany    

"Silvia Ocougne and Chico MeIlo, both Brasilians, came to Berlin independently at about the same time. Both of them are multi-instrumentalists with a particular interest in guitar and contemporary composition.

Profiting from the advantage of being in a "foreign culture" on an "older continent", Chico and Silvia have created a sonic collage of traditional popular and contemporary elements in the light of influences from Berlin and Brazil. Surrounded by an unusual constellation of instruments induding tuba, matchbox, clarinet, etc.; the central instrumental metaphor of these recordings remains the guitar: the "tabula rasa" of international musics.

"Bebê" and ,"1XO" are two guitar collages in which layers of free improvisations are superimposed on each other In "Berimbau", the basic themes of the improvisations are fragmented. Our focus of antecipation shifts horizontally and vertically through these multiple guitars and thematic motifs.

"Do Lado do dedo" ("On the other side of the finger") refers to the tactile experience of "touching" the guitar: expanding its limitations as a string and percussion instrument and at times using unusual preparations.

"Dentro do Tubo l and II" ("Inside the Tube l and II") are comprised of recognizable song-fragments. Russian Military tubas and clarinets are used here as voice-filtering resonating cavities, as percussive surfaces and as thumping air containers. lt is a déjà-vu of images between two characters who are no longer playing "on" their instruments, but have entered into their instruments' own world.

"Samba e Amor", "Trem das Onze" ("Samba and Love", "Eleven o'clock Train") takes on a journey with prepared guitar; matchbox ensemble, noise and silence.

"John Cage na praia" (John Cage at the Beach No. 1-4) are collages where the basic materials (fragments of songs, classical pieces, and noise) have been de-constructed and displayed in space, ilIuminating a fundamental ground of silence.

"-Editions Wandelweiser

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UPC: 011778038511

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records
Catalog ID: EWR 9603
Squidco Product Code: 22197

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 1996
Country: Germany
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded in Berlin Germany by Ahmed Chouraqui.


Silvia Ocougne

Chico Mello

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Track Listing:

1. John Cage Na Praia N. 1 1:35

2. Bebe 7:14

3. Samba E Amor 3:47

4. John Cage Na Praia N. 2 1:04

5. Dentro Do Tubo I 3:33

6. Dentro Do Tubo II 3:07

7. John Cage Na Praia N. 3 0:48

8. Do Lado Do Dedo 8:06

9. Berimbau 4:34

10. 1X0 4:49

11. Trem Das Onze 4:24

12. John Cage Na Praia N. 4 13:25