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Wire, The

#387 May 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Wire, The: #387 May 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD] (The Wire)

"Matt Krefting meets US folk maven Marissa Nadler... Daniel Spicer travels deep into Manchester's improv underground... Maverick Icelandic super conductor Ilan Volkov takes the Invisible Jukebox test... and more. Plus The Wire Tapper 40! The next volume in Wire's series of underground music anthologies is attached to the cover of every copy of the May issue - 20 new tracks from DJ Stingray, Susanna, Supersilent, The Library Of Babel and more."

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product information:

UPC: 977095206810605

Label: The Wire
Catalog ID: WIRE 387
Squidco Product Code: 22014

Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Magazine and CD


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track listing:

DJ Stingray 313
From Communications System EP

From Severe
(Temporary Residence Ltd)

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
"Descending Piece"
From Sound X Sound: Music For 9 Pianos

"Burning Sea"
From Triangle

Lars Lundehave Hansen
"Black Beaches"
From Terminal Velocity
(Tonometer Music)

"See You, Owczarek"
Previously unreleased On The Hi-Fi series

"Dogov Godov" (excerpt)
From Colliding Contours
(Umor Rex)

The Library Of Babel
From blue nineteen
(Blue Tapes/X-Ray)

Soiled/Marcus H/Gary Seabrook
"Drowning In Oxytocin"
From Phonic Grafts
(Elm Lodge)

"Nec Mergitur"
From Unworks & Rarities
(Sub Rosa)

Roger Döring & Konrad Korabiewski
From Komplex
(Skálar|Sound Art| Experimental Music/Gruenrekorder)

bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH
From Remembering In The Cosmic Manifestation II
(Editions Le Souffleur)


Michalis Moschoutis
"Braced Pair"
From Nylon
(Holotype Editions)

Sparkle in Grey
"Minka Minka"
From راديو إزداغ (Brahim Izdag)
(Grey Sparkle)

Olga Wojciechowska
"I'm Never Not Thinking About You"
From Maps And Mazes
(Time Released Sound)

Morten Poulsen
"Aerodynamics Pt 2"
From Aerodynamics

"Chapter Twelve: Bride-ship And Gulls"
From Waywords And Meansigns: Recreating Finnegans Wake (In Its Whole Wholume)
(Waywords And Meansigns)

"Induction Without Bifurcation"
From Newly Cemented Dedication To Freedom
(Category of manifestation:)

Hey Exit
"Vulpine/Haunting Oneself (For KE)"
Previously unreleased track
(Of Plants)

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

Marissa Nadler: With her new album Strangers, produced by Sunn O))) associate Randall Dunn, the Boston based singer-songwriter and guitarist continues to map out the phantom zone between flesh and spirit. By Matt Krefting

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells: From contributing slap bass samples to the Apple Loop Library to rebooting the soulscraping free jazz of Albert Ayler, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells is a walking bass dichotomy. By Ben Watson

Manchester Improv: North West England is proving fertile ground for new improv, thanks to labels like Golden Lab and Tombed Visions, and artists including Andrew Cheetham, The Hunter Brothers and Nat Birchall. By Daniel Spicer

Steven Julien: The debut album from the artist also known as Funkineven tears itself free from the dictates of the dancefloor. By Meg Woof

Yukihiro Isso: The bamboo flute improvisor just says noh. By Clive Bell
Boreal Network: Seattle composer Nicole Johnson trips out on cassette tape decay. By Emily Bick
Jon Collin: All good in the wood, according to the UK guitarist. By Abi Bliss
Object Collection: The stage chatter of US hardcore icons Fugazi provides source material for the New York duo. By Kurt Gottschalk

Global Ear: In Moscow, an independent label network is flourishing in the Russian capital, in spite of state interference. By Jack Pepper

Invisible Jukebox: Conductor Ilan Volkov takes his cue from The Wire's mystery record selection. Tested by Kate Hennessey
The Inner Sleeve: Blackest Ever Black's founder Kiran Sande on Maximum Joy's Stretch
Epiphanies: Music can play a vital role in surviving imprisonment, says ex-convict Carl Cattermole

On Screen: Cindy Marabito's The Dicks From Texas, Bernd Schoch's The Schlippenbach Trio: But The Word Dog Does Not Bark
Print Run: England's Hidden Reverse revised and expanded, the revolutions of Miles, essays by Seth Kim-Cohen, and more
On Site: Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) in London, Jacob Kirkegaard Earchestra in Oxford
On Location: Linda Sharrock, Unsound in Australia, They Might Be Giants, Anna von Hausswolff, and more


Tristan Bath on Puce Mary, Joe Muggs on Sci-fi Sounds, Richard Thomas on Heather Leigh & Peter Brötzmann, Stewart Smith on William Parker, Frances Morgan on The Associates, and Francis Gooding on Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea

Plus: Vanessa Amara, Aparat, Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald present Borderland, Mart Avi, Bwana, Dr Carlson Albion & Coleman Grey, John Carpenter, Rhys Chatham, Chimurenga Renaissance, Roberto Paci Dalò, Domo Genesis, Brian Eno, David Fiuczynski, Lesley Flanigan, Floorplan, Jarrod Fowler & Taku Unami, Horsepower Productions, Steven Julien, Henry Kaiser/Steve Parker/Damon Smith/Chris Cogburn, KING, Mihkel Kleis, Laniakea, Jessy Lanza, The Lavender Flu, Heather Leigh & Peter Brötzmann, Klara Lewis, Clint Mansell, Matthewdavid's Mindflight, Carlos Niño & Friends, Odd Nosdam, Daniel Padden, Daniel Padden/Fritz Welch/Drew Wright, Charlemagne Palestine, William Parker, Pita, Mark Pritchard, Puce Mary, Maja SK Ratkje, Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto, SassyBlack, Seiho, Various: Scelsi EP, Various: Star Wars Headspace, Jan St Werner, Valerio Tricoli, Roger Turner & Yukihiro Isso, We Will Fail

The Columns by Emily Bick, Chal Ravens, Steve Barker, Adam Harper, Haley Potiker, Stewart Smith, Julian Cowley, Tristan Bath

Size Matters by Byron Coley

The Boomerang: The Associates, Luis David Aguilar, John Bender, J Dilla, Miguel Flores, Giant Sand, The (Hypothetical) Prophets, Moondog, Pram, Prima Materia, Steve Reich, Various: Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea: Madang/Windim Mambu, Jean Schwarz, Sun Ra & His Astro-Ihnfinity Arkestra, Various: Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, White Zombie, Larry Young, La Monte Young

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