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Sonic audiographer Jeph Jerman investigates an abandoned windmill in the Arizona desert via contact microphone, recording it three times to present its mysterious sonic properties at three different stages of its life and in differing weather conditions.

Jerman, Jeph
34 degrees 111'3"N 111 degrees 95'4"W [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]

Jerman, Jeph : 34 degrees 111'3

Label: Mappa    
Released in: Slovokia    

"The recordings were made over a period of a couple of years. The windmill is located about a mile north of the town where i live, on what i assume is ranch land used for raising cattle. It was once used to pull water from underground to fill a couple of large tanks nearby. It's in a bad state and no longer in use. There are two large crows nests at the top, and the inner workings are laying on the ground next to it."

The recordings were made using a mini-disc recorder and hand made contact microphone. They are monaural recordings. Jeph Jerman is appearing in a variety of musical groups and collaborative projects across different genres for more than three decades. From the nineties, we can see in his extensive work a great interest in the sole act of listening. Rather than a classical musician, he is more suggestive of a sound wanderer who sets off daily from his home to the surrounding Arizona desert (characteristically named Sonoran desert), where he records sound fragments or collects found objects which he uses in his improvisations and performances.

As a contemplative walker without a set destination, he is interested in the pure sound without references. To what we listen is not so important, what matters most is the time, place and the way we listen. Unlike other field recording artists, Jerman is not interested in the aesthetic richness or sonic variety, but simplicity, gentle differences, vibrations, moderation, and the primordial animalism on the quiet edge of organic and inorganic nature.

This field recording is a collection of three pieces, in which Jerman maps a specific place and which carefully reflect his life philosophy. It's a recording of an abandoned windmill in different times, stages of decomposition and weather conditions. The symbol of the circle and rotation and the moaning material shaped by nature elements subtly fit in the comprehensive sound diary and environment where Jerman moves and lives."-Mappa

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Product Information:

Label: Mappa
Catalog ID: MAP01
Squidco Product Code: 21845

Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Slovokia
Packaging: Cassette
Contact mic recordings of a derelict windmill in the desert by the artist.


Jeph Jerman-composer, performer

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1. 11:07 11:07

2. 08:20 08:20


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