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December 2015 issue of the Wire, with Annette Peacock on the cover, plus Powell; United Bible Studie; Invisible Jukebox: Attila Csihar (The Sunn O))); Global Ear: Yogyakarta; David Kanaga; Christine Sun Kim; Manongo Mujica; Harry Bertoia (Grand designs); &c. &c.

Wire, The
#382 December 2015 [MAGAZINE]

Wire, The: #382 December 2015 [MAGAZINE] (The Wire)

Label: The Wire    
Released in: Great Britain    

"On the cover: Annette Peacock (From her early association with Paul Bley, through the eruptive sensuality of her 1970s music, to her more reflective recent work, the singer, songwriter and synthesizer pioneer has blazed a singular trail). Inside the issue: Powell (After a brush with Steve Albini, the UK producer and Diagonal co-founder talks dry music, grainy pigeonholes and shameless advertising); United Bible Studies (The shifting cast of players making up this intergenerational Anglo-Irish collective unite folk, improve, psychedelia, rock and drone); Invisible Jukebox: Attila Csihar (The Sunn O))) and Mayhem vocalist feels the burn from The Wire's mystery record selection); Global Ear: Yogyakarta (A new avant garde is finding its home at street level in the Indonesian city); David Kanaga (The California based composer-designer opens up a portal to 18 dimensional space); Christine Sun Kim (Deaf from birth, the Berlin based sound artist forges new ways of listening); Manongo Mujica (Percussionist paints pictures of Peru); Harry Bertoia (Grand designs)."

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Label: The Wire
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Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Magazine
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