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England's wonderfully eccentric improvising band Volcano the Bear in a stunningly beautiful 5 LP box set of known and unreleased tracks, with individual covers & linernotes for each track, plus 50 page book of photos, artwork, flyers & stories from the band's 20 years.

Volcano the Bear

Volcano the Bear: Commencing [VINYL 5 LP BOX SET + DOWNLOAD] (Miasmah)

Label: Miasmah    
Released in: Germany    

"Leicester, England - mid 1990's. Aaron Moore, Nick Mott, Clarence Manuelo & Daniel Padden create a free form group named Volcano The Bear out of their frustration with standard musical limitations. Now, after 20 years of experimenting with improvisation, folk, Dada, Post Punk, Krautrock, noise, surreal comedy, pure avant-garde and more, the group has obtained a cult following and high critical praise across the globe. Reknowned for their highly theatrical and obscure live performances, as well as their mind-blowing catalogue of releases, VTB truly is a one of a kind group, consistently pushing forward with their own unique, experimental approach to sound making.

Commencing manages to be both a retrospective of the group's 20 year history as well as it ´s own unique release filled with vast amounts of material. The 5 albums, 64 tracks & over 4 hours in length, presented here has been carefully put together over the last couple of years to become an entity - working as much by itself as well as a whole. Expect an abundance of unreleased material, alt-versions, tracks from early cassette albums never released on vinyl, live recordings, pieces from forgotten compilation appearances and more, all mixed and compiled together to form 5 stand-alone albums.

The physical release also includes a book of writings, photos and flyers from their long history, along with a bonus download only album of tracks that didn't make the final cut. This is the ultimate VTB release for fans of the group and of surreal, experimental musical history in general."-Miasmah

"Listening to the wealth of mainly unreleased and live material presented here, one's mind boggles at the wonderful, extraordinary and frankly bizarre pallet these guys have to offer. They take us on a sure fire journey into some of the most healthy and unambiguous, crazed and deadly, astonishing and timeless music to push our pleasure buttons up to 13!"-Steven Stapleton, Cooloorta, May 25, 2015

Deluxe Silkscreened Box-set, incl. 5LPs with individual covers & linernotes for each track on the back, 50 page book of photos, artwork, flyers and stories of the band«s 20 years of existence. Also includes a free download of all 64 tracks + 10 track bonus album.

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Product Information:

Deluxe Silkscreened Box-set, incl. 5LPs with individual covers & linernotes for each track on the back, 50 page book of photos, artwork, flyers and stories of the band«s 20 years of existence. Also includes a free download of all 64 tracks + 10 track bonus album.

UPC: 880918223063

Label: Miasmah
Catalog ID: MIA 032LP
Squidco Product Code: 21425

Format: BOX SET
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Germany
Packaging: Box Set - 5 LPs
Recorded between 1995 and 2011.


Aaron Moore

Clarence Manuelo

Daniel Padden

Nick Mott

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Track Listing:


1. Yak Folk's Y'are (3:27)

2. The Following Him (5:26)

3. The Idea of Wood (2:43)

4. Go Fetch the Water Anthony (3:34)

5. Tubular Smells (1:02)

6. BB (0:26)

7. Pretty Flower (2:41)

8. Fog Slicer (0:51)

9. Ash Harm (4:49)


1. Eleven (4:03)

2. Pick Up the Spanners (1:34)

3. Tic Toc (Live) (4:12)

4. Velcro Symbols (5:47)

5. Egg & Two Books (1:20)

6. General Chin (3:10)

7. The One Burned Ma (4:22


1. Horse (4:29)

2. Ballet of Swedish Mountain (1:04)

3. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah-Um Cha Check (2:50)

4. Elephant Bingo (3:43)

5. Quick (4:42)

6. Barbara CastleFestival Hall (0:45)

7. Phantom, Tha Will Be Done (7:24)


1. Hello Graham (Live) (6:47)

2. Feverfew (5:28)

3. Planetary Bethlehem (Live) (5:14)

4. Tadpole Alphabet (Live) (7:45)


1. Asian Speedway (5:38)

2. The Pincher (1:08)

3. Broccoli von Hamburg (1:32)

4. Chair: The Musical (4:33)

5. Cond (4:48)

6. Strange Dreams of Invisible Girls (3:45)

7. Woman Who Weighs Out the Wool (2:32)


1. Hexofun (2:31)

2. St. Ivel of the Fittest (1:10)

3. The Middle Farm (3:06)

4. Splendido (2:12)

5. Tremondo (3:27)

6. Bowls (4:29)

7. Backwoods Colour (7:29)


1. Halo Onna Volcano (3:46)

2. Fat Monarch (3:18)

3. Jackanapes (2:21)

4. Tori Anus Abdul (0:52)

5. Sex Transfusion (1:34)

6. Hot Rat Piano (4:20)

7. Aflame (4:14)

8. Night Fig (1:46)

9. Monthly Friends to Cherish (3:03)


Goose War Two (4:19) HatHands (4:52) Baltic (6:43) Long Kong Is My Pain (2:55) Curly Robot (7:01) SIDE I

1. Amateurs Blind (Live) (8:43)

2. Burnt Seer (Live) (2:53)

3. Crikey Biscuits (Live) (0:35)

4. Hairboots (Live) (6:08)

5. Did You Ever Feel Like Jesus? (Live) (6:48)


1. Hairy Queen (Live) (6:37)

2. Cruston (Live) (5:13)

3. Strausshand (Live) (8:13)

4. Botticello (Live) (4:12)