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November 2015 issue of The UK's most interesting music magazine, with articles on Magma, The Necks, Rabit, Kamasi Washington, Weather Leigh, Jam City, plus a 20 track Various Artists with tracks from Zulus, Steve Beresford and Panos Ghikas, Geoff Dugan, &c. &c.

Wire, The
#381 November 2015 [MAGAZINE+CD]

Wire, The: #381 November 2015 [MAGAZINE+CD] (The Wire)

Label: The Wire    
Released in: Great Britain    


The monumental music of the fabled French ensemble has been pouring from the mind of its leader Christian Vander for more than four decades. Keith Moliné travels to north east France for an audience with the man behind the mythos

Heather Leigh

The former Charalambides member is recasting the pedal steel as a means to warp the fabric of space, time and the human voice. By Stewart Smith

Kamasi Washington + Thundercat

The Flying Lotus associates are applying their virtuosity to develop a strain of cosmic fusion that's accessible to all. By Joseph Stannard

Invisible Jukebox: Jam City DJ and producer Jack Latham lays aside his earthly cares to face The Wire's mystery record selection. Tested by Dan Barrow


Rabit: The Texan producer casts a post-industrial hex on the dancefloor. By Joe Muggs

Seth Cooke: Ex-Hunting Lodge drummer takes a hands-off approach. By Andy Hamilton

Elaine Mitchener: Intimate moves underpin the work of the London singer. By Philip Clark

Global Ear: Austin

Norwegian bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten has galvanised the Texan capital's underground scene. By Christopher Brown

The Inner Sleeve: Bridget Hayden on Can's Tago Mago

Epiphanies: Jon Savage has a gut feeling about Devo

Print Run: New music books: free music in London, Kristin Hersh on Vic Chesnutt, the legacy of John Peel, Alvin Curran in annotated sound, and the final years of Lee Hazlewood

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Laurie Anderson's Heart OfADog

On Site: Recent exhibitions: Brion Gysin in London, Kaffe Matthews in Coventry, and Hanna Tuulikki in Edinburgh

On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Space- Time: The Multiverse, Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival, and New York Vision Festival

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Product Information:

UPC: 9770952068106

Label: The Wire
Catalog ID: WIRE 381
Squidco Product Code: 21393

Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Magazine and CD

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Track Listing:

Mads Emil Nielsen
From Percussion Loops

Roger Robinson
"It Soon Come"
From Dis Side Ah Town

"Revolver III"
From From Zulus II

Big Legs
From Big Legs
(Junior Aspirin)

Steve Beresford & Panos Ghikas
"Food Coat"
From Live At Mirgo Presents, June 2015

Liquidarlo Celuloide
"Vértigo Magnético"
From Vértigo Magnético

Wojtczak Nyconnection
"Ogrywka (Kujawiak)"
From Folk Five
(For Tune)

The Art Of Schwanengesang
"Laisse-moi. Momentum" (Wire Tapper edit)
From Aahh... Mui Interesante... The Sound Shape Of Language

From Plenitude

TR Kirstein & Sune TB Nielsen
"I Am So Happy I Could Spit" (excerpt)
From I Am So Happy I Could Spit/I Will Not See
(Infinite Waves)

Creature Automatic
"Bears Making Bear Trees"
From Dust Clouds May Exist
(Telegraph Harp)

From Aw Sa Yone Vol 2
(Teranga Beat)

Cavalier Song
"Stones For Throwing"
From Blezard
(God Unknown)

From Aoticp

Stig Of The Dump featuring Jehst
From Kubrick
(Lewis Recordings)

"Bleed Out"
From Dead September
(Rural Isolation Project)

Geoff Dugan
"Jane's Pond"
From a forthcoming release on
(GD Stereo)

Denzel + Huhn
From Brom

"3rds, 4ths & 5ths" (radio edit)
From Allison Cameron: A Gossamer Bit

Hannes Buder
From openyoureyescloseyoureyes