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An 8 CD set presenting 2 major works from saxophonist Sonny Simmons celebrating his 80th birthday, split into two sections: "Chasing The Bird" and "Leaving Knowledge Wisdom And Brilliance", using a variety of approaches using improv and world music to create a visionary music. Two 4-CD multiboxes with no additional cardboard housing.

Simmons, Sonny
Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom and Brilliance / Chasing The Bird? [8 CD BOX]

Simmons, Sonny: Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom and Brilliance / Chasing The Bird? [8 CD BOX] (Improvising Beings)

Label: Improvising Beings    
Released in: France    

Fantastic 8 CD (!) box set w/French musicians. Highly Limited edition of 300 worldwide. External boardbox with two 4-CD sets within, celebrating Sonny Simmon's 80th birthday! IB #25: Leaving Knowledge Wisdom And Brilliance: Sonny Simmons with Bruno Gregoire/Michel Kristof and Julien Palomo [4 CD set] IB #26 Chasing The Bird: Sonny Simmons & Other Matter with Aka_Bondage, Nobodisoundz, and Anton Mobin The amazing, symphonic, sprawling 8 CD box set, the second installment in celebration of Sonny's 80th birthday: a passionate, mystical fusion of free, blues, post-rock and oriental drone. Recorded June 2006-January 2014 at Bruno Gregoire's home, Romainville, and Studio IB / Enregistre de Juin 2006 - Janvier 2014 chez Bruno Gregoire, Romainville, et au Studio IB. 33 tracks = 7 hours and 24 minutes of music.

"The first four discs, titled Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom And Brilliance feature Simmons' spiritual side, as the titles reveal. This new phase comes as no surprise. Simmons was brought up in a religious family. His father was was a Baptist preacher and a voodoo priest and he, already as young musician, adapted Ayler's belief that music is the healing force of the universe. In these discs, Simmons structures loose, an Indian-raga like modes. The pieces begin with a soft, meditative introduction of the theme equivalent to the alap part of the raga, followed by slow development within an ethereal structure, as in the raga part jor. Unlike Indian ragas, these extended pieces do not seek to reach an ecstatic, cathartic climax or to offer dazzling solos, the jugalbhandhi part of the Indian raga. In these ambient and often ritualistic pieces, Simmons alternates between the English horn and alto sax in focused, contemplative tones, adding occasional wordless humming and poetic lines in his deep voice. He enjoys the atmospheric sonic platform of Julien Palomo on space-progressive rock electric keyboards and Michel Kristof on electrified Indian string instruments, mainly the sitar. Both also work together as the Other Matter duo. The last four discs are called, ironically, Chasing the Bird? (Dead Years Ago, Million Years Ahead), acknowledging Charlie Parker's huge influence, though Simmons never attempted to imitate Parker's sound. Simmons experiments with electronics-based, open-ended sonic textures, rarely opting for the lead soloist role. Simmons is backed on these discs by the Other Mind duo, augmented with electronics and sound artists Anton Mobin, and AKA_Bondage and Nobodisoundz, Js. The sonic experimentations include post-rock, distorted guitar textures, noise elements, abstract, raw white noise, and atmospheric layers of sound produced by distant layers of keyboards. Often, Simmons' horns and voice are sampled and processed in real time within the otherworldly textures. The discs are divided into themes. The first disc is a collection of short pieces and focus on what Simmons calls Instrumental Martial Arts of Tomorrow, adapting titles from karate moves. "Put It in a Black Area Where I Can Remember No More"; the second, "The Breath of Life" and third, "Old Lonesome Roads," position Simmons hovering leisurely over tranquil waves of keyboards on the first then chanting and talking over the effects-laden guitar of Kristof on the latter. The last disc, "Worlds of Worlds of Worlds," offers long and lyrical, symphonic-like pieces based on Palomo's keyboards and the gentle playing of Simmons on the English horn. Overall, Simmons offers over 7.5 hours of music, full of compassion, wisdom and new sonic vision."-Eyal Hareuveni,

Limited edition of 300 copies.

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Limited edition of 300 copies.


Label: Improvising Beings
Catalog ID: ib25-26
Squidco Product Code: 21032

Format: 8 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: France
Packaging: Two 4-CD multiboxes
Recorded June 6th, 2006 to Janurary 2014, at Bruno Gregoire and Anne Segal's home, and Studio IB.


Sonny Simmons-alto saxophone, cor anglais, voice

Michael Kristof-electric guitar

Julien Palamo-synthesizer, organ

Anton Mobin-prepare chambers

AKA_Bondage-processed guitars

Bruno Gregoire-drums, percussion

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Track Listing:

CD 1

1. Three Is A Powerful Figure 34:11

2. You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 1 12:00

CD 2

1. Four Is Equal To The Fingers Of Your Hand 32:53 2. The Fatherlands (Niger) 15:21 CD 3

1. You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 2 10:15

2. You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 3 17:46

3. Five Is The Thumb 18:29

CD 4

1. The Inner Outer Chord (Way Down In The Past) 22:17

2. The Outer Inner Chord 10:05

3. What Do We Know? - Who Are We - As Humans 10:56

CD 5

1. Himeru Dojo 6:27

2. Chudan Tsuki 4:43

3. Seika Tanden 2:32

4. Ura 1:47

5. Aiki Kokyu 14:19

6. Black Waves In A Delta Blues Home 2:02

7. Another Story Calling Tonight 4:11

8. Giant Could Approach Stars 2:31

9. Magnus Fact In Act 2:30

10. Shadows Colored Music 5:00

11. Feel The Outside World 4:59

12. Solisax 4:19

13. Forward Thinking Thoughts (Luxbxl Dream) 0:59

14. Keep Going Ohone 7:32

CD 6

1. The Breathe Of Life 1 9:31

2. The Breathe Of Life 2 11:15

3. The Breathe Of Life 3 16:42

4. The Breathe Of Life 4 31:39

CD 7

1. We Can Turn Invisible 23:28

2. I Can't Go No Farther Than That 30:47

3. Going Through The Storms 19:27

CD 8

1. To Change The Harmonic Structure Of The World 19:58

2. Dead Years Ago, Million Years Ahead 39:49