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An unusual 18 piece work from Chicago trumpeter Rob Mazurek, entirely constructed through electro-acoustic means, using hundreds of samples selected for their audio quality, joined to electronics utilizing oscillators and modules, some of which sample acoustic sources.

Mazurek, Rob
Vortice of the Faun [CASSETTE with download code]

Mazurek, Rob : Vortice of the Faun [CASSETTE with download code] (Astral Spirits)

Label: Astral Spirits    
Released in: USA    

"Vortice of the Faun is Mazurek's latest cassette release and was entirely constructed through electro-acoustic means, utilizing oscillators and modules designed by The Harvestman (Seattle) and MakeNoise (Asheville), some of which sample acoustic sources, though most of the cassette is created from purely electronic sounds. Hundreds of samples and audio colors were collected, and the portable rack that contains these devices - a recent addition to his quiver - has granted a tough additional dimension to Mazurek's canvas.

Furthermore, this set is not entirely solo - one piece, "Arc in Light of Faun Tiger Born" features four separately conducted rabeca tracks performed by Thomas Rohrer that have been woven into a landscape of glitches, fluffs, and flinty whirrs. Mazurek has never appeared to merely augment his brass with electronic resources; rather, his dedication to electronic music is an extension of the brass tradition. There's physicality, often abrupt but always shaped, to this music - at times it appears rooted in the economy of breath and an almost embouchure-driven phraseology of forward motion and sculpted color. But a work should at some point cease to be about the tools used and more about the effect, which can be like a swarm of pinched bees, such as the taut, screaming "Hallucination Faun's Aggressive Tiger Strong," in which sonic whorls are stretched to their subtonal limits.

As Bill Dixon said about solo trumpet pieces like "Shrike" and "Albert Ayler" that he was "trying to blow the bell off the horn," the same could be said about the explosive knob attack Mazurek has conjured here. Not all of the set is so jarring, however; his composing and conduction revel in the softness and diffusion of the body and its ability to deliver different sounds, which certainly match this undulating landscape. Other areas glance up against drilled shredding and jostled, broken-beat loops. While decidedly "electronic music," like forebears Pierre Schaeffer and Francois Bayle these masses and threads are infused with humanity and the hard edge of the natural sublime."-Clifford Allen

Numbered edition of 300, includes a download card. Insert with liner notes.

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Product Information:

Numbered edition of 300, includes a download card. Insert with liner notes.

Label: Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: AS014
Squidco Product Code: 20595

Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded at ID Sonics Lab, in Chicago, Illinois between 2014 nd 2015 by Rob Mazurek.


Rob Mazurek-composer, performer

Thomas Rohrer-rabeca (Brazilian viola)

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Track Listing:


1. Tiger Faun and Spark Born

2. Dream Tigers Erotic Dawn

3. Arc In Light of Faun Tigers Born

4. Flare Streaked Tigers Paw

5. Storm Tiger Takes Mountain Spawn

6. Machine Sun Runs Tiger Along

7. Static Nights Tigers Mourning Faun

8. Wave Sign Triple Tiger Gong

9. Force Along Tigers Claw


1. Tigers Comet Tail

2. Splice Faun Tigers Neutrino Trail

3. Myths Future Tiger Tale

4. Tundra Blinds Tiger

5. Spectral Mist Upon Tigers Time

6. Hallucination Fauns Aggressive Tigers Strong

7. Crystal Tiger Felled by Shadow Faun

8. Burst Planet Eruption Core Song

9. Spark Faun and Tiger Born