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A deluxe 5-CD box of the Peter Brotzmann curated 25th edition of the Unlimited in Wels, Austria in 2011, with Brotzmann, Laswell, McPhee, Haino, Tchicai, Pavel Borodin, Mars Williams, Ken Vandermark, Okkyung Lee, Nilssen-Love, Gustafsson, &c.

Brotzmann, Peter + Various Artists
Long Story Short: The Unlimited Festival 2011 [5 CD BOX SET]

Brotzmann, Peter + Various Artists: Long Story Short: The Unlimited Festival 2011 [5 CD BOX SET] (Trost Records)
Label: Trost Records    
Released in: Austria    

LONG STORY SHORT, the festival organized as the 25th edition of the Unlimited in Wels, Austria (3.-6.November 2011) ventured to design a festival around Peter Brötzmann's practice. Not a retrospective but a representation of the contemporary musical spheres that Brötzmann and his comrades are investigating today.18 performances in this box document Brötzmann's close ties to the Chicago scene, his inclination to work with Japanese artists, his cultivation of old and new friendships from New York, his admiration for African musicians and collaborations with his European friends.

The extensive compilation emphasizes the vitality and variety of Brötzmann's current work and documents a historical moment of the Unlimited-Festival.These were special days with very special perfomances, intense experiences for everybody involved - musicians and audience (the venue was completely sold out months before)."-Trost

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Product Information:

UPC: 912036681002

Label: Trost Records
Catalog ID: TR112
Squidco Product Code: 17234

Format: 5 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Austria
Packaging: 5 CD Box Set
Recorded at the 25th edition of the Unlimited in Wels, Austria, November 3-6, 2011.


Peter Brotzmann-reeds

Bill Laswell-electric bass

Caspar Brotzmann-guitar/voice

Danny Arnold Lommen-drums

Dieb 13-turntables/cigar box

Eduardo Delgado Lopez-electric bass

Eric Revis-bass

Fred Lonberg-Holm-cello

Hamid Drake-drums

Jason Adasiewicz-vibraphone

Jeb Bishop-trombone

Joe McPhee-trumpet, sax

Johannes Bauer-trombone

John Tchicai-reeds

Keiji Haino-electric guitar/voice

Ken Vandermark-reeds

Kent Kessler-bass

Maallem Mokhtar Gania-guembri

Marino Pliakas-electric bass

Mars Williams-reeds

Martin Siewert-guitars/ring stinger/electronics

Masahiko Satoh-piano

Massimo Pupillo-electric bass

Mats Gustafsson-reeds/live electronics

Michael Wertmuller-drums

Michael Zerang-drums

Michiyo Yagi-21-string koto/17-string bass koto

Mokhtar Gania-guembri

Nasheet Waits-drums

Okkyung Lee-cello

Paal Nilssen-Love-drums

Per-Ake Holmlander-tuba

Sabu Toyozumi-drums

Takeo Moriyama-drums

Tamaya Honda-drums

Toshinori Kondo-trumpet/electronics

Xu Fengxia-guzheng

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Track Listing:


01. SONORE: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mats Gustafsson (reeds)

02. CHICAGO TENTET with JOHN TCHICAI: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mats Gustafsson (reeds), Joe McPhee (trumpet), Per-Ake Holmlander (tuba), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Johannes Bauer (trombone), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Kent Kessler (bass), Michael Zerang (drums), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), John Tchicai (reeds)

03. MICHIYO YAGI/OKKYUNG LEE/XU FENGXIA: Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto/17-string koto), Okkyung Lee (cello), Xu Fengxia (guzheng)

04. PETER BRÖTZMANN/MASAHIKO SATOH/TAKEO MORIYAMA: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Masahiko Satoh (piano), Takeo Moriyama (drums)


01. JOE MCPHEE/MAALLEM MOKHTAR GANIA/FRED LONBERG-HOLM/MICHAEL ZERANG: Joe McPhee (trumpet, sax), Maâllem Mokhtar Gania (guembri), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Michael Zerang (drums)

02. PETER BRÖTZMANN/MICHIYO YAGI/TAMAYA HONDA: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto/17-string bass koto), Tamaya Honda (drums)

03. PETER BRÖTZMANN/JASON ADASIEWICZ/SABU TOYOZUMI: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Sabu Toyozumi (drums)

04. DIEB 13/MATS GUSTAFSSON/MARTIN SIEWERT: Dieb 13 (turntables/cigar box), Mats Gustafsson (reeds/live electronics), Martin Siewert (guitars/ring stinger/electronics)


01. KEIJI HAINO: Keiji Haino (electric guitar/voice)

02. PETER BRÖTZMANN/BILL LASWELL/MAALLEM MOKHTAR GANIA/HAMID DRAKE: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Bill Laswell (electric bass) Maallem Mokhtar Gania (guembri), Hamid Drake (drums)


01. JEB BISHOP/JOE MCPHEE/MARS WILLIAMS/JASON ADASIEWICZ/KENT KESSLER/TAMAYA HONDA: Jeb Bishop (trombone), Joe McPhee (trumpet, sax), Mars Williams (reeds), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Kent Kessler (bass), Tamaya Honda (drums)

02. HAIRY BONES: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet/electronics), Massimo Pupillo (electric bass), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums)

03. MASAHIKO SATOH: Masahiko Satoh (piano)

04. CHICAGO TENTET with MICHIYO YAGI, CONCERT FOR FUKUSHIMA: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Mats Gustafsson (reeds), Joe McPhee (trumpet), Per-Ake Holmlander (tuba), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Johannes Bauer (trombone), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Kent Kessler (bass), Michael Zerang (drums), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), Michiyo Yagi (21-string koto/17-string bass koto)


01. PETER BRÖTZMANN/ERIC REVIS/NASHEET WAITS: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Eric Revis (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums)

02. DKV TRIO with MATS GUSTAFSSON/MASSIMO PUPILLO/PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE: Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass), Mats Gustafsson (reeds), Massimo Pupillo (electric bass), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), Hamid Drake (drums)

03. FULL BLAST: Peter Brötzmann (reeds), Marino Pliakas (electric bass), Michael Wertmüller (drums)

04. CASPAR BRÖTZMANN MASSAKER: Caspar Brötzmann (guitar/voice), Eduardo Delgado Lopez (electric bass), Danny Arnold Lommen (drums)