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Gigantic tape loop symphonies, sundry plunderphonics, lo-fi Sparks and the voice of JFK, a William Burroughs interview, and a worn out teach yourself English tape are part of the experimental recordings and collage in this retrospective of Coma's work.

Gus Coma
Color Him Coma

Gus Coma: Color Him Coma (Paradigm)
Label: Paradigm    
Released in: UK    

Gus Coma was a member of Milk from Cheltenham with releases on the It's War Boys label, a band that inspired Nurse with Wound in the early 80s with their unclassifiable sound work that included concrete collage work, turntable manipulation, and tape work. This retrospective double CD remasters an early cassette release, and material from It's War Boys projects, excerpts from the Triptych LP and unreleased material for a 2nd LP from that time.

"The first CD in this set is a reissue of an obscure cassette release from 1983 that was originally released in a small edition on the London based, It's War Boys label. This C60 consisted of 2 distinct halves. Side 1 was formed around several mixes of an experimental track, constructed from a room-sized 24 track loop. A version of this track first appeared on the LP Flagellation by The Just Measurers (who were C. D. Greyt, Yakkö Banovic and Narki Brillans).

Side 2 is a collage of mostly unused (and some remixed), excerpts from what became the title track of the Milk From Cheltenham LP, Triptych of Poisoners. This LP track consisted of a tape collage of the live mixdown of 17 cassette recordings of locked record grooves, simultaneously, with stray radio and an infernal matchbox. The full Milk LP is now available on CD via Alga Marghen. Both these LPs were also originally It's War Boys projects.

As with other releases by these guys nobody worked under the same name twice, but if you are familiar with their soundworld then there will be no mystery, only astonishment. Nearly all the session material here was engineered by Chris Grey, best known for his work with The Homosexuals.

No production master was ever found for CD1, so one of the actual cassette edition had to be used in its place. However, whilst looking through the archive for the master tape, an alternative version of the tape was found, which although it followed a similar blueprint to CD1 it also contained some very different music, some primitive disco drum programming, and a somewhat more sophisticated sound quality. It was difficult to choose which version to release, so both versions appear here, but at the generous price of a single CD.

Each CD also contains an additional much longer bonus track at the end that was originally intended as working material for the unfinished Milk From Cheltenham LP 2.

The guest musicians on this CD set are many and varied, but it's all put together by Gus Coma, Lepke B's dwarfish cousin, who renounced show-biz to work as a Heavy Goods Vehicle driver. All in, the material here is the strangest and most experimental music to come from the It's War Boys scene. Expect gigantic tape loop symphonies, sundry plunderphonics, lo- fi Sparks and the voice of JFK, a William Burroughs interview (on one track), and a worn out teach yourself English tape. Color Him Coma !"-Paradigm Records

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Product Information:

Label: Paradigm
Catalog ID: PD 27
Squidco Product Code: 15168

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2011
Country: UK
Packaging: 2 CDs in a single Jewel tray
Material compiled from recordings made at Surrey Sound Studio and Beefy 'n' Figaro's between 1982-1985.


Gus Coma-piped snooters, syndrum, drum machine programming, tapes

Rita Chuli-extra voice on intro tracks

Chris Grey-tonmeister

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Track Listing:

CD 1

1. A Word From Dear Gus 0:54

2. Gut Morning 2:41

3. Very Smart [It Was] 1:02

4. Are You Swede? 0:28

5. Tourist 0:50

6. Meet Our Employees 3:13

7. The Cup Is Clean 0:17

8. Televisions 1:02

9. New Broom 0:42

10. The Infiltrators 5:51

11. Sonar Too Good 0:45

12. The Boss's Terrible Handwriting 2:13

13. Avril Shower 1:25

14. Topic Of Cancer 3:23

15. It's 07954 1:15

16. Say Aaah 2:29

17. Advice To The Elderly 1:20

18. Bak Seat Driver 0:37

19. Gus Coma Expands 0:59

20. No More Shoes 2:22

21. Shopping List 6:24

22. Mr West Today 1:16

23. Stay At Home Housewife 2:17

24. On 99 Oooh 0:22

25. His Own Two Feet 3:07

26. Bethlehem 0:25

27. Inteligent 2:07

28. Directions 3:44

29. Lemonade 'n' Beer 1:47

30. His Master's Vox 1:30

31. The Wrong Guy 3:03

32. Revlon Torturo Bunnies 12:26

CD 2

1. Solid Soul Gus 2:29

2. Good Morning 2:06

3. Automation 2:08

4. Television Off 0:55

5. Broom Broom 4:20

6. Terrible Hand 2:29

7. Climate Change 3:11

8. The Revenge Of 09754 2:10

9. Aaah Diddums 2:12

10. The Old Ones 1:34

11. Back Seat Driver [Ford Anglia Mix] 1:54

12. Elastoplast Futures 3:52

13. Gus Coma Disco Virus 2:16

14. No More Shoes [Save Our Soles Mix] 1:58

15. Shopping List [Panic Mix] 1:24

16. Westerday 4:05

17. No More . Please! 2:12

18. Ambient Dullard 0:41

19. Artificial Intelligence 3:21

20. Different Directions 1:50

21. Hmv Rip 2:14

22. Smart Guy 3:57

23. Disco Monster 4:28

24. Muzika Conkretti Lachryomsa 14:38

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