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Instant Composers Pool Orchestra in a much-needed remaster of their 1999 Hat Hut CD, one suite from the Orchestra and one from Misha Mengelberg, unpredictable, meticulous and joyful Dutch jazz.

ICP Orchestra
Jubilee Varia

ICP Orchestra: Jubilee Varia (Hatology)
Label: Hatology    
Released in: Switzerland    

"On first hearing this CD may sound to you like an ill-programmed mess, with the improvisations up front and the catchy numbers buried deep. But with ICP, over the long haul or short, the more you hear it, the more apparent its trajectory becomes, the more orderly and less chaotic it sounds. Or, the more you hear ICP's improvised "instant compositions" and their instant demolitions of Misha's highly whistleable tunes, the less clear it becomes what's order and what's chaos to begin with. They rewrite the book on accepted musical practices, just as they rewrite their own book, every precious evening they're on the bandstand."-Kevin Whitehead, All About Jazz

"Yes, there is a quality of mishmash to it all, but nonetheless, this long-awaited recording by the ICP Orchestra should satisfy those who enjoy the unique sounds that pianist Misha Mengelberg, drummer Han Bennink, and the other seven participants create. There are two suites, each divided into three distinct pieces, and not all feature the entire ensemble. For example, the opening section of "Jubilee Varia Suite" is a duo between Mengelberg and Bennink, which is followed by a trio of cellists Ernst Reijseger and Tristan Honsinger and bassist Ernst Glerum. Along the way, everyone glows, and there is choice sound from Wolter Wierbos (on trombone), Thomas Heberer (on trumpet), and Michael Moore and Ab Baars (on clarinet and saxophones). Ultimately, it is the originality, the humor, and the wackiness of it all combined with the consummate musicianship, that entertain and impress. The excellent liners by Kevin Whitehead are a plus."-Steve Loewy, All Music Guide

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Product Information:

UPC: B003Z54L34

Label: Hatology
Catalog ID: 667
Squidco Product Code: 13406

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded live in Zurich at Rote Fabrik on November 6th, 1997, by Peter Pfister and Middelberg at Kloveniersdoelen on November 15th, 1997 by Ansgar Ballhorn.


Misha Mengelberg-piano

Michael Moore-clarinet, alto saxophone

Ab Baars-clarinet, tenor saxophone

Thomas Heberer-trumpet

Wolter Wierbos-trombone

Ernst Reijseger-cello

Tristan Honsinger-cello

Ernst Glerum-contrabass

Han Bennink-drums

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Track Listing:

1. Jubilee Varia 1 8:07

2. Jubilee Varia 2 9:44

3. Jubilee Varia 3 10:11

4. A Bit Nervous Jealous? Me? 4:52

5. Next Subject 12:01

6. Roll I 12:14