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All three Zeitkratzer (Frank Gratkowski, Franz Hautzinger, &c) "Electronic" CDs, one each with Keiji Haino, Terre Thaemlitz, and Carsten Nicolai, in one box with a book.

Zeitkratzer / Nicolai / Thaemlitz / Haino
Electronics 3CD BOX

Zeitkratzer / Nicolai / Thaemlitz / Haino: Electronics 3CD BOX (Zeitkratzer)
Label: Zeitkratzer    
Released in: Germany    

All three Zeitkratzer (Frank Gratkowski, Franz Hautzinger, &c) "Electronic" CDs, one each with Keiji Haino, Terre Thaemlitz, and Carsten Nicolai, in one box with a book with essays by Elliot Sharp, Michael Iber and Diedrich Diederichsen.

"This CD documents the cooperation between Zeitkratzer and Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto), started nearly a decade ago; a cooperation between an avant garde ensemble and a non-academic electronic musician. The electronic music of Carsten Nicolai -- sometimes being of even crystal clearness and quality -- suddenly becomes sensual and physical through Zeitkratzer's amplified instrumental sounds. Inversely, Zeitkratzer sounds different, too: in "5 Min" the musicians play only electric sound generators: the humming of plugs, the peeping of the synchronized Zeitkratzer-clocks, white noise, the TV cheeping at 10 kHz. "Synchron Bitwave," the latest piece, is the most sensual and most warm; there are no other sounds larger than a small third and its electric derivates, finally leading to high, dabbed string spiccati. "C1" transfers electronically-conceived asymmetrical loops into a 19/16th rhythm. A strange undertow results, partly because of the pieces' grounding with merging, split sounds. Here, Carsten Nicolai virtually becomes metaphysical, perhaps even romantic. "-Zeitkratzer

Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz

"Presenting a second volume of collaborative works between European avant garde ensemble Zeitkratzer and modern electronic composers. Terre Thaemlitz developed the present pieces for and with Zeitkratzer. The starting points were Thaemlitz' releases Means From An End and Couture Cosmetique, which show him as an electroacoustic composer with an amazing sensibility for sound and harsh cutting techniques. This is especially evident on "Sloppy 42nds," and moreover, Thaemlitz' filtering techniques are transformed into a complex, nearly surrealistic instrumental sound on "Superbonus." Thaemlitz' provenance as a New York underground DJ is recalled, as well as his political engagement on tracks such as "Down Home Kami-Sakunobe" and "Hobo Train." On this CD, you will find the most pop-oriented music -- including references to dance and house -- Zeitkratzer has ever released! But don't forget to listen to the longest and main work on this release, hidden as "Superbonus."-Zeitkratzer

Zeitkratzer / Keiji Haino

"On this release, Zeitkratzer cooperates with legendary Japanese noise artist, Keiji Haino. The Berliner Zeitung had the following to say about this mind-melting collaboration: "They had only rehearsed for three days, but the result was mind-blowing. Haino made music on the guitar and on the drums, on electronic devices, on two Theremins and with his wonderfully changeable tenor; Zeitkratzer infolded him, pushed him away, embedded him in noise and carried him through the sound space like on atomizing waves. Only one thing did not exist: the reconciliation between the soloist and his ensemble, which would have denied the differences in traditions and styles; the greatness of the sound, the richness of his textures was a result purely of the contrast and its dynamic."-Zeitkratzer

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Product Information:

UPC: 881390642328

Label: Zeitkratzer
Catalog ID: ZKR 003CD
Squidco Product Code: 11478

Format: BOX SET
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Germany
Packaging: 3 Jewel Trays in a sturdy cardboard box

Carsten Nicolai-electronics

Keiji Haino-guitar, drums

Terre Thaemlitz-voice, piano

Frank Gratkowski-bass clarinet

Hayden Chisholm-bass clarinet

Franz Hautzinger-trumpet

Melvyn Poore-tuba

Reinhold Friedl-piano

Maurice de Martin-percussion

Burkhard Schlothauer-violin

Anton Lukoszevieze-cello

Ulrich Phillipp-double bass

Marc Weiser-electronics

Ralf Meinz-sound

Reinhold Friedl-direction

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Track Listing:

Zeitkratzer / Keiji Haino

1. Aria I 10:10

2. Aria II 13:19

3. Sinfonia 24:52

4. Bonus: Drum Duo 8:36

Zeitkratzer / Carsten Nicolai

1. Synchron Bitwave 16:16

2. 5 Min 8:09

3. C1 Pt.1 13:55

4. C1 Pt.2 13:24

Zeitkratzer & Terre Thaemlitz

1. Down Home Kami-Sakunobe 8:37

2. 500 Year Orbit 7:20

3. Sloppy 42nds 5:55

4. Hobo Train 7:43

5. Superbonus Pt.1 13:52

6. Superbonus Pt.2 11:47