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Various Artists
Improvised Music from Japan Extra 2006 Special Berlin Issue [BOOK + 2 CDs]

Various Artists: Improvised Music from Japan Extra 2006 Special Berlin Issue [BOOK + 2 CDs] (Improvised Music From Japan)
Label: Improvised Music From Japan    
Released in: Japan    

The 2006 Improvised Music from Japan book issue is in Japanese this time, so for many the book itself may be of interest only for the photos. The two CDs, however, makes up for the language barrier, with a great list of artists, as listed below. For the curious, the interviews in the book are:

Gregor Hotz
Nicholas Bussmann
Merle Bennett
Thomas Ankersmit
Ignaz Schick
Hannes Strobl
Annette Krebs
Andrea Neumann
Caramel Empties
Alessandro Bosetti
Boris Baltschun
Kai Fagaschinski

80 pages; 21cm (H) x 15cm (W); 2 CDs

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Japanese & Asian Improv/Rock
Improvised Music

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Product Information:

80 pages; 21cm (H) x 15cm (W); 2 CDs

Label: Improvised Music From Japan
Catalog ID: IMJ 308/9
Squidco Product Code: 7603

Format: BOOK + 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2006
Country: Japan
Packaging: Book with 2 CDs
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Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Adeline Rosenstein / Andrea Neumann - Pas Perdus (2:23)

Adeline Rosenstein: voice

Andrea Neumann: inside piano, mixing board

2. Annette Krebs / Steffi Weismann - Le Vol (3:46)

Audio short version of an audio-visual performance by Annette Krebs and Steffi Weismann

Annette Krebs: idea, Soundplant, objects, composition

Steffi Weismann: idea, objects, voice

Nicolas Galeazzi: voice

Agnes, Ralph, Vicky, Victoria: Mac OS X voices

3. Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone - Roger (7:14)

Kai Fagaschinski: clarinet

Christof Kurzmann: lloopp

4. Michael Thieke Unununium - Schaum (3:38)

Luca Venitucci: accordion, prepared piano

Derek Shirley: double bass

Eric Schaefer: drums

Michael Thieke: alto clarinet, alto saxophone, clarinet, zither

5. Lucio Capece / Axel Dörner / Robin Hayward - Inflie (7:37)

Lucio Capece: bass clarinet

Axel Dörner: trumpet

Robin Hayward: tuba

6. Tunar - Antwort auf den Regen (8:23)

Dave Bennett: guitar, short wave radio

Merle Bennett: drums

Sabine Vogel: flute, electronics

7. Alessandro Bosetti - African Feedback: Extracts 1 to 8 (4:13)

Composed by Alessandro Bosetti

Recorded by Alessandro Bosetti in Ogol Leye, Pays Dogon, Mali, November 2004

Feedbacks by Ouaganamon, Edijo, Iasera, Fanta, Gadjula Souleman Dolo, Gouioubenguyon Dolo, Yaboudou Dolo, and Tapaninju Dolo

8. Tony Buck / Andrea Neumann - Without Title (8:13)

Tony Buck: drums

Andrea Neumann: inside piano

9. Sink - Ausland 1 [excerpt] (7:43)

Andrea Ermke: samplers

Chris Abrahams: DX-7

Marcello Silvio Busato: guitar, percussion

Arthur Rother: guitar

10. Marzipan Marzipan - Ennio (1:28)

Disc 2

1. Kalkül & Leidenschaft - Leningrad Sunrise (13:14)

Nicholas Bussmann: cello

Kai Fagaschinski: clarinet

Joe Williamson: bass

2. Boris Hauf - It's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Got to Do It (5:44)

3. Phillip Sollmann - Room Two (8:44)

4. Thomas Ankersmit - Negatieve Bijdrage (5:00)

Thomas Ankersmit: saxophone, synthesizer, computer

5. Ignaz Schick / Jason Forrest - Blood Orchid (11:22)

Ignaz Schick: turntables

Jason Forrest: electronics

6. Burkhard Beins - For Ian Curtis (3:08)

7. Rechenzentrum - A Capitalistic Landscape (4:20)

8. blumm&tau - Eskimono (4:34)

F.S.Blumm: guitar

boris d hegenbart-matsui: computer

yumiko hegenbart-matsui: drawings

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