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Fernandes, Mane

Enter The sQUIGG [Used Item]

Fernandes, Mane : Enter The sQUIGG <i>[Used Item]</i> (Clean Feed)

A unique album of oddly metered yet highly rhythmic jazz from guitarist and composer Mané Fernandes, a member of Pedro Alves Melo Omniae Large Ensemble, but more importantly, part of a scene he refers to as Post-Beat Aesthetics, merging electronic and synthetic elements into jazz form, a serious and diverting direction for creative improv and studio play.

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Mane Fernandes-guitar, electric bass, additional percussion, voice

Luca Curcio-double bass, additional mandolin

Simon Albertsen-drums

Jose Soares-alto saxophone

Jose Diogo Martins-synthesizer, piano

Joao Barradas-synth accordeon

Flavia Huarachi-additional flute

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UPC: 5609063005929

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF592CD
Squidco Product Code: 32306

Format: CD
Condition: VG
Released: 2022
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Sauna Studios, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in January, 2021, by Neil Robert Young.

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"The young guitarist from Porto, Portugal, makes his decisive career statement as a composer with this album. Every move he did before, trade-marking a jumping rhythmic style of his own, was leading to "Enter the sQUIGG", a phenomenal treat about rhythm and its relationship with harmony and melody, informed by the many 'musics' of the African-American tradition.

Mané Fernandes studied with Petter Eldh, via RMC (Copenhagen), and through the rhythmic visions of this contrabassist and producer, plus the thorough study of Malcolm Braff's research. developed what he calls "Post-beat Aesthetics".

This release results directly from both influences, crosses them and mixes Fernandes' musical personality to the pulsatile discoveries made, here and there keeping an ear to other references- for instance, to Flying Lotus.

The music was recorded live and post-production in the studio was used as a creative tool; all the sound materials having been manipulated and (re)composed with."-Rui Eduardo Paes

"Random thoughts about each track.
- "And1 mixtape vol.5" and "The Notic 2" were once my favourite pieces of art in the world.
- What the hell is Luca playing in "Boom Boom Bap"? I swear it's his fault, I definitly didn't ask him to play all major pentatonics over these phrygian chords. I swear.
- Check out and sing a long with Goyaweh.
-"PLRLT∞NFNT" is a bunch of Glitched out meters, nothings is what it seems. Also, Grains can travel through time apparently. You know how, when listening to old jazz records, sometimes you can hear the next phrase before it's actually played? Something to do with worn out vinyl I think. Well, we went for that on the guitar solo.
- Intro, theme and Outro. M i s s e d and m i s t sound similar. Things being similar but not the same is a big theme of this record.
-Makuma was my older brother's self-attributed childhood nickname. He was born in '79. The song is in Septuplets, morphs to 9/8. Absolute coincidence. The audio of him speaking was Luca's idea, it was randomly selected and it just fit perfectly. It's one of my favourite parts of the record.
-Pentagram makes me think about a fighting video game. Street fighter always seemed the coolest of all of them to me, but I was a Tekken kid. Hwoarang all day long you know?
Well, Barradas kicked my ass haha <3 "Nao vale estouros bro"-Mané Fernandes

Artist Biographies

"Mané Fernandes is a guitar player, composer and improviser based in Porto and Copenhagen.

He is part of a broad, musical experimental scene he likes to call Post-Beat Aesthetics.

The meeting of the "Jazz" (#BAM) tradition as an ever-inspiring source of depth and truth, with the fresh timbres and methodologies of electronic and sample based music(s) is where he finds his space.

Mané has worked with some of the leading figures in Jazz and Improvised music.

More recently he featured as part of João Barradas' "Home", Pedro Melo Alves' 24 piece "Omniae Large Ensemble", Orquestra Galego-Portuguesa de Liberación, "Quang Ny Lys" with João Mortágua and Rita Maria, as well as featuring soloist and arranger for Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos."

-Mane Fernandes Website (

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"Luca Curcio is an Italian bass player and composer living in Copenhagen (DK) since 2015.

Luca works on the border between Contemporary Jazz, Folk, and Free Improvisation. Very active both as a sideman and as a leader of his own projects, Luca toured and performed his music in Italy, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Tunisia, Spain, Netherland, England. He has worked with many international artists such as Jon Balke, Andy Sheppard, Gavino Murgia, Fabrizio Bosso, Gianluca Petrella, Camilla Battaglia, William Parker, Matthias Loibner, Emanuele Cisi and Raphael Imbert.

In 2018 Luca released his first album Sabir, realised with the project Free Humans aka Simone Bottasso on diatonic accordion, Enrico Degani on classical guitar and Ruben Bellavia on drums, with the special participation of the Sardinian saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist Gavino Murgia.

The album is inspired by the ancient Lingua Franca that was spoken throughout all of the Mediterranean sea (called Sabir). Luca composed the music thinking specifically for each one of the musicians of the band, who, like travelers from different lands and cultures, brought something unique from their own musical language. Like a melting pot, the music of Sabir echoes different worlds and references, ranging from Jazz to folk music and electronic landscapes."

-Discogs (

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is a drummer, a member of groups Bj¿rn Marius Hegges Occurrences, Torstein Ekspress, Espen Berg Trio, and Mané Fernandes.

-Squidco 9/13/2023

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"José Soares, saxophonist and composer, was born in Luxembourg in 1991. He moved to Portugal and began his musical studies at the local band in Figueira da Foz. Later he entered the Conservatório de Música David de Sousa to the saxophone class of the professor José Firme. He then moved to Espinho to study in Escola Profissional de Música de Espinho, an undergraduate professional school, where he studied with Fernando Ramos, Gilberto Bernardes and Francisco Ferreira.

In 2010 José entered ESMAE (Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo), the University of Music and Performing Arts, Oporto, where he holds the degree of bachelor in Jazz Saxophone Performance. There he studied in the Jazz Department with Mário Santos, Nuno Ferreira, Carlos Azevedo, Abe Rábade, among others.

In 2017 he began his Master Studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam being tutored by Ben van Gelder, Joris Roelofs and Jasper Blom which he finished in 2019.Soares is an active musician playing and touring around Europe with many international bands; he's a guest soloist in several large formations like OJM (Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos) and BSP (Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa).

As a composer, he's main focus is to convey his experience to specific set of musicians like his Quartet (with Youngwoo Lee on piano, Jort Terwijn on Bass and Sun Mi Hong on drums), he's trio (Gonçalo Neto on guitar and Alessandro Fongaro on bass) or he's co-lied trio with the mexican singer songwriter Fuensanta Mendéz and the astonishing trumpet player Alistair Payne. Soares also writes for his duo with Harmen Fraanje, a very intimate and boundary.less duo.

Beside his own projects, Soares has been a requested musician for several bands with whom he has been recording his work: Ensemble Super Moderne (winner of the Best Jazz Album 2015, JazzLogical), AXES (winner of the Best Jazz Album 2017), Liquid Identities (Keep and Eye Competition 2019), Eduardo Cardinho Quintet (winner of "Prémio Jovens Músicos" 2014), Jeffery Davis Quintet, João Grilo e a Longifolia, Mané Fernandes "The Mantra of The Phat Lotus", Pedro Melo Alves' Omniae Ensemble, AXES, Guy Tristan Salamon (Keep an Eye Records winner 2018), Giuseppe Campisi, among many others."

-AUT Records (

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"João Barradas is one of the most reputable and widely acknowledged European accordionists, working simultaneously between classical music, jazz and improvised music.

He has won some of the most prestigious international classical accordion contests of which, among others, the World Accordion Trophy (CMA), which he has won twice, the Coupe Mondiale of Accordion (CIA), the International Castelfidardo Contest and the Okud Istra International Competition, stand out.

Despite his young age, João Barradas was the first ever classical accordionist to perform solo recitals in some of the most prestigious concert halls such as WienerKonzerthaus, Tonhalle Maag Zurich, Sage Gasteshead, Festival d'Aix en Provence, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Culturgest and he has played in Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Kolner Philharmonie, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Casa da Música Porto, Bozar Brussels, Philharmonie de Paris, L'Auditori Barcelona, Mupa Budapest, La Monnaie, Stuttgart Opera House, Sadlers's Wells Theatre London, Onassis Cultural Center Athens, L'Arsenal Metz, Sava Center Belgrade, Centro Cultural de Belém, Tribeca Performing Arts Center New York.

Alongside his activity as a classical musician, Barradas is one of the most active musicians in Jazz accordion nowadays. His first album as leader with the New York label Inner Circle Music, "Directions", produced by saxophonist Greg Osby, was praised highly by the critics all over the world and made to the restrict Downbeat's Best Albums of the Year.

At the same time, he starts being noticed by some of the top names of American Jazz, such as Joe Lovano, Nicholas Payton, Randy Brecker, Lenny White or Walter Smith III and his name comes up at the most important national and international Jazz festivals and venues.

As an outstanding improviser he has collaborated with various renowned musicians, namely Greg Osby, Mark Turner, Peter Evans, Aka Moon, Mike Stern, Rufus Reid, Gil Goldstein, Fabrizio Cassol, Jacob Sacks, Miles Okasaki, Jerome Jennings, Ben Van Gelder, Francesco Cafiso, Federico Malaman, Stephanne Galland, Fabian Fiorini, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Wayne Escoffery, Philip Harper, Florian Arbenz, Tineke Postma, among many others.

João Barradas was nominated ECHO Rising Star 2019/2020 by the European Concert Hall Organization and BBC Music Magazine nominated the accordionist as one of the current year's classical music rising stars."

-Joao Barradas Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Ode to the Mixtape 6:48

2. Boom Boom Bap 2:20

3. Goyaweh 4:02


5. Pink_M (Linear) 1:26

6. Pink_M (Glossy Error) 2:20

7. Pink_M (Earthy Song) 3:47

8. The Move 8:09

9. Makuma `79 4:17

10. Pentagram Ceremony Squiggle 2:49

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