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Lumpeks (Laurain / Borel / Koziel / Beliah): Lumpeks <i>[Used Item]</i> (Bolt / Umlaut)

Bassist Sebastien Beliah leads this French-Polish quartet with Louis Laurain on cornet, Pierre Borel on alto saxophone, and Olga Koziel on voice & percussions, blending free jazz and traditional Polish music & songs with an experimental bent and the flourish of East European folk energy, a passionate mix that entertains and surprises the listener with unexpected twists & turns.

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Louis Laurain-cornet

Pierre Borel-alto saxophone

Olga Koziel-voice, percussions

Sebastien Beliah-double bass

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UPC: 5906660451099

Label: Bolt / Umlaut
Catalog ID: RP02
Squidco Product Code: 32018

Format: CD
Condition: VG
Released: 2021
Country: Sweden / France / Germany
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio 84, Radio Polonaise, in Warsaw, Poland, in November, 2019, by Robert Migas-Mazur.

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"Lumpeks is a French-Polish quartet created on the initiative of bassist Sebastien Beliah, gathering around him two musicians from the best orchestras of French jazz (Louis Laurain and Pierre Borel) and the very talented Polish singer and percussionist Olga Koziel. This band managed to create a subtle blend between jazz and traditional Polish musics. From this musical encounter that transcends the frontiers was born a unique style that associates the creative energy of jazz improvisation and the powerful expressivity of traditional Polish melodies and dances. Lumpeks won the Grand-Prix of Nowa Tradycja in 2019."-Bolt/Umlaut

Artist Biographies

"Louis Laurain is a trumpet player, improviser and composer, based in Paris. Born in 1984, he taught himself to play the trumpet and then studied jazz and improvisation at the conservatories of Lyon (CNR) and Paris (CNSMDP). While developing his own personal and original language on his instrument, he researched, through different collaborations, an intuitive and spontaneous approach to sound. His interest is essentially in different forms of improvised sound for various formations,ranging from solo to orchestral.His work is focused principally on two topics. Firstly an acoustic approach to instruments through research on sounds and sound effects in relation to the space in which they are produced. Secondly work on the amplification of instruments ("close miking") with the aim of creating the illusion of an electric or electronic "machine instrument". He collaborated with Eliane Radigue, Stephen o'Malley (Sunn O ))), Pierre Huyghe, Axel Dorner, Nicolas Collins, Yves-Noel Génot, Jérome Noetinger, Zombie-Zombie, Pierce Warnecke, Polyversal souls, Tobias Delius, Arnaud Rivière, Xavier Charles, Ignaz Schick, Joel Grip, Frédéric Blondy."

-Spektrum Berlin (

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"Pierre Borel is an improviser, composer and saxophonist born in Paris in 1987. He is working in field of improvised and experimental music. He lives in Berlin since 2006, and has performed in several european countries, Japan and USA. He attained a Masterdegree in Jazz Institut Berlin in 2008, and studies philosophy in Paris. Together with Florian Bergmann and Hannes Lingens, he is running the Umlaut Berlin Festival (1rst edition in 2009), and he is part of the european collectif Umlaut."

-Ausland (

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Olga Koziel: "I am a singer, I play the trumpet and the traditional drum (baraban), sometimes as well on the piano. I love dancing. I have been interested in traditional music since 2005, when I first heard natural, unrestricted, loud and meaningful singing. It amazed me. Since then I have been learning singing from rural singers, listening to archival recordings and taking part in various singing workshops.

For several years I have been going regularly to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Serbia in search of forgotten melodies and stories.

In Poland I am fascinated by the Lublin region, where I come from. I devoted the project Volhynia in songs to the songs and stories of the former inhabitants of Volhynia, where my family comes from. I discovered the land of multicolored, multicultural Volhynia.

I really enjoy playing dance music and I'm happy be a member of LUMPEKS playing the baraban. These are mazurkas with a jazz twist! Our debut album will be released soon.

I play the trumpet in the Warsaw-Lublin Brass Band in the traditional repertoire of orchestras from Roztocze Lubelskie and in the band Zvanai - with unexpected improvisations based on Lithuanian Sutartines motifs.

Sometimes I am invited to work on contemporary and experimental music as a singer.

I also try myself in experimental combinations, leading the band The Golden Thousand (voice, tuba, double bass)."

-Olga Koziel Website (

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"Sébastien Beliah is a Paris-based double bass player and composer. His work is mainly focused on improvisation and oral composition (R.mutt), relationship between composed music and improvisation (Ensemble Hodos), and jazz (Umlaut big band, The Coquettes, Un poco loco). As a double bass player, Sébastien Beliah has performed solo pieces from Hans-Joachim Hespos, James Tenney or Kenneth Gaburo among others. He is also doing improvised solo performance. As a composer, his pieces has been performed by musicians like Félicie Bazelaire, Pierre Borel, Hannes Lingens or the large ensemble ONCEIM. Sébastien Beliah is also deeply involved in the field of education, and teach double bass, jazz and improvisation at the Conservatoire de Reims."

-Umlaut (

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Track Listing:

1. Le Tunnel 4:58

2. Contredanse 2:19

3. Weksel 4:57

4. Ober Ciagly 5:05

5. La Marsa 5:11

6. Chevalement 3:52

7. Zawolajcie 3:07

8. Mazurek 5:07

9. La Noce 3:37

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