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Warble & MDuo : Ama (Creative Sources)

Two improvising duos that share one person and joined as a trio -- Berlin musician Miako Klein on recorders -- Warble being Klein and NY/Berlin trumpeter Brad Henkel, the two exploring their instruments through close amplification; Mduo is Klein & NY/Berlin percussionist Michael Weilacher using extended techniques and strange actions.

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Miako Klein-Paetzold Contrabass, tenor saxophone, recorder

Michael Weilacher-amplified Plexiglass, feedback, percussion

Brad Henkel-amplified trumpet

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UPC: 5609063403961

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs396
Squidco Product Code: 23903

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Audio Expertise, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2015 and 2016, by Ask Kaereby.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"WARBLE has been working as an improviser / composer duo for the past few years, having mostly performed in Berlin and NYC.

In 2015 both musicians have developed their recent piece COO during their residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

In their music, they portray the inside and outside of their instruments through close amplification. Warble works with extremely reduced sound material and gradual transformations from one sonic space into the other and finally envelopes the space with drones, air sounds, percussive thumps, whistling overtones, beatings and clashing timbres.

MDuo was formed in September of 2014 as a result of a long working process in a dance-theater production between the recorder and violin player Miako Klein and the percussionist Michael Weilacher.

Mduo are in the process of developing a full evening's program of contemporary improvisations using unconventional instruments together with extended techniques, electronics and other bizarre and indescribable actions."-Warble/MDuo Facebook concert event description.

Artist Biographies

"Miako Klein, Berlin-based musician, performer and improviser, has a greatly varied musical background. Classically educated on the recorder and violin, she has extensive experiences in performing contemporary music, as well as in Early and improvised music. Miako constantly questions and challenges the conventional ways of music performance by pushing boundaries between styles and genres, by experiment, and by interdisciplinary collaborations. She performs as a soloist and chamber musician and often collaborates with composers who have written works for her.

​Her recent projects as a performer include the production of "The Past" with Constanza Macras | Dorky Park, the premiere of the opera "Thanks to My Eyes" by Oscar Bianchi / Joel Pommerat with Ensemble Modern and further performances throughout 2012 in Brussels, Paris, Lisbon and Strasbourg, the interdisciplinary project "Synecdochism" composed by Chikage Imai, which is based on the synthesis of Japanese Performance art with contemporary Western music, as well as being part of the creation as composer and performer of dance production "INFLUX" by Hybride Cie (Paris/ Avignon).Miako has played with Ensemble Modern, ICE International Contemporary Ensemble, Quartet New Generation, and she regularly performs with trumpet player Sava Stoianov (member of Ensemble Modern), trumpeter Brad Henkel, her band Pain Perdu (with Mathis Mayr and Sebastian Flaig), trio KAZE and the Early music ensemble "apparatus musicus berlin". She was former member of the Renaissance Recorder Consort "The Royal Wind Music" and the "Espiga String Quartet". As an improviser she performed with Brad Henkel (Brooklyn), Audrey Chen (Berlin), Jasper Stadhouders (Amsterdam), Harald Austbø (Amsterdam) a.o.Throughout 2010/11, she worked as musician at the Cirque du Soleil Show ZAiA in Macau. She won fellowships as Artist in Residency at Kunstmeile Krems in 2014 and Akademie Schloss Solitude 2014-15.She has performed at the Ultraschall Festival Berlin, MATA-Festival NYC, Festival Musica Strasbourg, Early Music Festival Barcelona, Emergences Festival Avignon, Festival Aix-en-Provence, Boulevard Festival s'Hertogenbosch, DeSuite-Muziekweek Amsterdam and Klangwerktage Hamburg. Miako's live-recordings have been broadcast on German radio stations including HR/DLF, WDR3 and Concertzender.At young age Miako won prizes in numerous competitions including first prize at the "International Recorder Competition of Engelskirchen" and the "SONBU" International Recorder Competition of Utrecht/NL. She was awarded first prize at Germany's National Youth Competition, "Bundeswettbewerb Jugend musiziert", on multiple occasions. Miako also won the "Prize of the City Erlangen for the Best Interpretation of Contemporary Music", the special award for outstanding ensemble performance by "Stadtsparkasse Köln", and the IRINO-Foundation Tokyo award for contemporary music.The daughter of a classical pianist, Miako received her first musical lessons as a young child. At the Westfalian music school she was then taught the recorder by Gudula Rosa and the violin by Tor-Song Tan. Miako studied the recorder with Paul Leenhouts at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and graduated with distinction. She also studied violin as a second major with Lex Korff de Gidts. Miako received additional private recorder lessons from Winfried Michel and Walter van Hauwe, and violin lessons from Martin Dehning and Vesselin Paraschkevov. She undertook chamber music lessons at the Dutch String Quartet Academy and participated in masterclasses conducted by Eberhard Feltz (Berlin), Isabel Charisius (Alban Berg Quartett), Stefan Metz (Amsterdam) and the Auryn-Quartett.

Miako is currently studying at the UdK Berlin as a Master soloist for Early music with Prof. Christoph Huntgeburth."

-Miako Klein Website (

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"Michael Weilacher was born (1969) in Rochester, NY where he grew up studying the piano and later percussion at the Eastman School of Music. Michael was in his earliest years active in the local orchestra scene as well as the rock music scene. He later attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music where he studied with Alan Otte and the Percussion Group Cincinnati and received his Bachelor's diploma in music performance. While in Cincinnati he worked as a freelance musician in diverse rock groups, a steel drum band as well as with dancers from different schools in the area including from the Conservatory. After finishing his Studies, he received an invitation to study as an assistant to marimba player Robert Van Sice at the Rotterdamse Conservatorium in the Netherlands. He did his first performances in Europe in Gent, Belgium (1992) in the New Ears festival with the guest composer Mauricio Kagel. There he became acquainted with several Belgium composers and musicians alike; Frank Nuyts, Karel Goeyvaerts, Lucian Goethals, Gotfried Willem Raes, Luk Vaes and Geert Logghe to name a few. While studying in Rotterdam, Michael became acquainted also with the Belgium new music ensemble Champ d'Action and after receiving his 'Masters' diploma, moved to Antwerp to work with the ensemble.

Michael moved to Belgium in 1993 and worked there both as a soloist and as a performer in several music groups; ensemble Musique Nouvelle, Zeitklang (with Alain Franco), Ictus ensemble, QO2, Blindman Quartet, the Royal Flemish Opera (with Rene Jacobs), the Royal Flemish Philharmonic, Il Novecento, the Young Philharmonic Orchestra, and several others.

Michael's solo carrier has brought him recognition in Europe as well as abroad where he has performed and given master classes in Brazil, U.S.A., Canada, Finland, Italy, Portugal, France, Poland, Greece and elsewhere. He has worked with the composers James Wood, Steve Reich, Helmut Lachermann, Volker Staub and the Belgium composers Serge Verstockt, Geert Logghe, Frank Nuyts, Eric de Visser, Frederic Rzewski (lives in Brussels),and Karel Goeyvaerts. Michael has made recording of works from these composers as well as some of his own works for solo percussion as well as ensemble pieces. Michael has been working extensively with vzw De Krijtkring and the artistic director Luc Mishalle, where he performed for the opening ceremonies of Brussels 2000, Cultural Capital of Europe, and furthermore composed pieces for Fanfarrah who performed in the Zinneke parade as part of Brussels 2000.His work with the this organization led him into other fields including music theater, where he along with Luc Mishalle and Guy Cassiers created a piece based on texts from the American writer Sam Shepard.

Michael has worked with the Ictus ensemble and the Rosas dance company where he performed the new creation APRIL ME in the De Munt theatre in Brussels. He continued to work with other dancers in Belgium including ex Rosas dancers Vincent Dunoyer and Roberto Olivan. Michael has recently worked with the world renowned dance company Sasha Waltz and guests where he played with the German new music ensemble Musik Fabrik for the opening of the new art center Radial System in Berlin.

He has recorded a full length CD with the composer Paulo Chagas and will be performing some of his music next year in Brazil as well as in California. Michael plans to continue his work with Ictus and will be giving workshops in Bethlehem, South Africa, Mozambique as well as concerts and workshops in the US.

Michael performed and composed for Kris Dane and The Banned and Ictus ensemble. He is also engaged to write and record music for some short films as well as a proposal to perform for a new dance piece that will take place in Frankfurt in September and October 2007.

Michael currently lives in Berlin, Germany and performs regularly with Kammer Ensemble Neue Musik Berlin, Musikfabrik, Ictus Ensemble and with Sasha Waltz@Guests. Likewise he has recorded for film and radio and is currently involved in numerous projects ranging from film music to Dub. Michael's interest in hand drumming has as well led him to the Tablas. He is currently studying in Berlin with the world renowned Tabla guru Pandit Sankha Chatterjee. Michael has previously studied diverse hand drumming techniques from Darbukka to Pandiero but considers himself to be an autodidact and improviser on these instruments as well a highly skilled percussionist and interpreter of contemporary music. Michael has played the Tablas for film recordings in Berlin and plays Tablas as well as vibraphone and percussion in the band "5 Star Hotel"."

-Ictus, Contemporary Music Brussels (

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"Brad Henkel is an experimental trumpeter/composer/improviser living in Berlin."

-Brad Henkel Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Plexiflexi 24:38

2. Ryoanji 19:40

3. Coo 22:46

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