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9 spontaneous compositions from Greek musician Moody Alien, working with an opaque group of performers using instrumentation including guitar, bouzouki, dulcimer, harmonica, trumpet, glockenspiel, toy piano, percussion, rainsticks, plastic beaters, sand from the beach, &c. &c.

Moody Alien
Down To The Junkyard [CASSETTE]

Moody Alien: Down To The Junkyard [CASSETTE] (Thirsty Leaves Music)

Label: Thirsty Leaves Music    
Released in: Greece    

"9 spontaneous compositions forged into 40 minutes of pure feeling. ...Or is it "a non guitarist's attempt to find new usage for the most widely used acoustic instrument"? How about "Art for Art's sake"? "was it spring? did there blow a harsh wind?" and did Harry have a hairy head after all?... You might just have to figure it out for yourself."-Thirsty Leaves Music

Also available on CD.

Biography for: Moody Alien

Moody Alien is an artist living in Thessaloniki, Greece.

He started making music in 2001, without previously bothering to be instructed on how it’s supposed to be done and during this time he has actually insisted on not learning things any way other than experimenting and listening to the results. His approach could be summarized in “if it sounds good, then it is good”.

Founder and curator of the experimental label Thirsty Leaves Music (since late 2014), he has released music alone as well as with company and is planning to continue doing so, be it under his own moniker or that of MAGAM (with trumpetist George Avramidis). Plus, there's always a good chance he might drift into other occult arts inbetween...

Moody Alien does not care to share personal information with anyone he has not met, but he can reveal that he finds talking about himself in the 3rd person extremely entertaining.

-Moody Alien Website (

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Product Information:

Label: Thirsty Leaves Music
Catalog ID: DTJCS
Squidco Product Code: 22593

Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Greece
Packaging: Cassette

S0N0-electric guitar, effects

Aris Tegos-Bouzouki

Alexandru Hegyesi-bowed dulcimer, plucked dulcimer,, autoharp on #8, bowed guitar, plucked acoustic guitar

All N4tural live-coded harmonica treatment, text

Skouras in Spetsai-keys, trombone, drums

George Avramidis-trumpet

Moody Alien-classical guitar, harmonica, trumpet, cello, double bass, glockenspiel, toy piano, small drum, cymbals, windchimes, a rainstick, plastic beater, sticks & canes & sand from the beach, condenser microphone, field & miscellaneous recordings, numerous household item, a few body parts.

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Track Listing:

1. The Complicated Futility Of I 04:15

2. A Dance For A Loan 03:01

3. For A Moment I Dreamt (...I Was Asleep & Dreaming) 04:06

4. Com' On Down (To The Junkyard) 03:28

5. Crest, Fallen 04:05

6. An Emprty Mind, The Devil's Home 04:48

7. All You Ever Do (Repeat Yourself) 04:18

8. Harry Had A Hairy Head 05:21

9. Twelve In A Dozen 06:06