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"Pleated Shorts" is a compilation style kaleidoscope collage of AM classics and easy listening box sets, broken psychedelia, quasi-prog orchestral library rock, sweaty electronics and other dirty thrift store bin magic!

Pleated Shorts

Blanketship:  Pleated Shorts

Label: Gigante Sound    
Released in: USA    

"Once again we are welcomed to the magical world of Jared Blum's Blanketship. Pleated Shorts is a compilation style, 20 track, 29 min kaleidoscope collage of AM classics and easy listening box sets, broken psychedelia, quasi- prog orchestral library rock, French soundtrack funk, odd worldy wonders, sweaty electronics and other dirty thrift store bin magic.

Like a compilation or mix tape, each song in turn is recognizably different but all with a hazy focus of catchy warped melodies and slender grooves. A record where out of tune strings, clunky click bass, mishandled harpsichords, fragmented vocals, melted Mellotrons, crumpled Krautrock, fumbling flutes are all laid together to create a clamoring melange of abstract pop rock. The line between which sounds were sampled and which were played by Blum is mysteriously woven into a sonic concoction of total bizarre."-Gigante Sound

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Product Information:

UPC: 844553062838

Label: Gigante Sound
Catalog ID: Giga 026
Squidco Product Code: 17144

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock foldover


Jared Blum

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Track Listing:

1. Mi Valle 0:58

2. Breaded 1:28

3. Maiden of the Mountain 2:22

4. The Attic Bats 1:47

5. The Seas Surge 1:39

6. American Tony 1:39

7. S.O.S 1:40

8. Bacon 1:47

9. Three Cheers 0:29

10. The January Suite 3:05

11. Aliou 2:16

12. Harpsichord Interlude 0:32

13. The Associate 0:46

14. Maggie's Doll 1:14

15. The Sleep Train 1:35

16. Lizzies 0:59

17. Lenore Henry 1:26

18. Banks 1:07

19. Bleeker Street Bop (live) 1:38

20. Win or Lose It 1:12

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