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Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus in a live concert from the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, Norway with vocal improvser Sidsel Endresen, uniquely extraordinary and unexpected sound worlds.

Endresen, Sidsel & Stian Westerhus
Didymoi Dreams

Endresen, Sidsel & Stian Westerhus: Didymoi Dreams (Rune Grammofon)
Label: Rune Grammofon    
Released in: Norway    

"Here is one of the leading vocal improvisers in the world in a fantastic display of telepathic music- making at an extremely high level with one of the leading guitar experimentalists currently on the scene. The result is a beautiful and unique soundworld captured live during a much-spoken-about concert at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, Norway. Add the evocative titles and the excellent sleeve from Kim Hiorthøy, and we have the kind of package that reminds us why the physical product is the superior way to present an album.

Sidsel Endresen worked as a singer and co-writer in the Jon Eberson Group from 1981-1987, releasing five albums and winning two Norwegian "Grammys." In 1990 and 1994 she recorded two solo albums for ECM. The '90s also saw a very fruitful collaboration with Bugge Wesseltoft, resulting in three albums and two more "Grammys." Since 2000, she has done solo projects, written film music and collaborated further with international and Norwegian artists such as Helge Sten, Christian Wallumrød, Rolf Wallin, Jan Bang and Håkon Kornstad. She has toured all over the world, written music for several theater and dance performances and has been festival composer for the jazz festivals in Bergen and Molde. And these are only some of her credentials.

Stian Westerhus has been called the hardest working (jazz) musician in Norway. Lately, his main priorities, aside from Didymoi Dreams, have been his new solo record and his group Puma as well as touring as a member of Nils Petter Molvær's trio. In 2011, he did a commission work for Molde International Jazz Festival that included names such as Maja Ratkje, Mats Gustafsson, Kjetil Møster, Ola Kvernberg and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Westerhus is a musician challenging and stretching the limits of his instrument beyond the normal confines of the electric guitar, balancing raw expressiveness against virtuosity and melodic instinct."-Rune Grammofon

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UPC: 7033662021314

Label: Rune Grammofon
Catalog ID: RCD 2131CD
Squidco Product Code: 16423

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: Norway
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded live at Nattjazz, Bergen, on May 26th 2011 by Asle Karstad.


Sidsel Endresen-voice

Stian Westerhus-guitars

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Track Listing:

1. The Rustle Of A Long Black Skirt 5:34

2. Barkis Is Willing 6:48

3. Drawing An Arc 4:59

4. Limbs Leaves And Snowmobiles 2:26

5. Wayward Ho 7:48

6. Hedgehumming 4:25

7. Immaculate Heart 8:23

8. Wooing The Oracle 5:23

9. Hector 2:55

10. Dreamwork 4:33

11. The Law Of Oh 6:03

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