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SQUIDCO Email Update and Confront Sale, June 30, 2017

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
June 30, 2017
Sentient compassion is a must;
It has to be developed in order to alleviate cruelty and thoughtless acts.
That won't happen if you develop a sense of compassion.
You'll have that connectedness,
That knowing that the same life that's in you is in every other being,
So you're not going to mishandle life."
-David S. Ware

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      Creative Artists
• Steve Baczkowski / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty
• Barbares (Bopp / Foussat / Petit / Sato)
• Ran Blake
• DK & The Perfectly Ordinary
• Bob Drake
• Jurg Frey
• frostlake
• Cem Guney
• Keiji Haino
• The Honkies
• Eva Houben Maria
• Noah Kaplan Quartet
• Myra Melford Trio
• Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere
• William Parker Quartets
• Peregrine Falls (Grdina / Loewen)
• Ron Samworth (Samworth / Adler / JP Carter / Naylor / Peggy Lee / James Meger)
• Janek Schaefer
• Sick Boss (Schmidt / Meger / Peggy Lee / JP Carter / Naylor / Page)
• Nick Storring
• Chris Strickland
• Stefan Thut / Seth Cooke
• David S. Ware Trio

Squid Bubble

Squid Bubbles

Confront $10.95 Sale

The UK-based Confront label, run by percussionist Mark Wastell, has developed an extensive catalog of free improvisation over the last decade. Originally revolving around Wastell's Sound 323 retail record store, the label has become the main focus for a great roster of UK & European improvisers. Much of the material balances the traditions of the European/UK Free Improv community, while others present fully freely improvised sound and music, experimental work, lowercase, and ea-improv albums. Wastell's selections are impeccable, and the catalog is a great representation of the current state of exploratory improvisation.

Next week we expect to receive two new releases on the label, including an improv album with David Sylvian. In anticipation, we've decided to reduce the price of all pre-2017 Confront releases by $3.00, or $10.95 each. Take a good look at the albums in this Confront sale, and take advantage of these great prices!

Click here to see the Confront Sale Items

Orders must be placed through our shopping cart. While quantities last, out of stock items will disappear from our website. Sale items are not eligible for Squidco Reward Points. Prices shown are discounted prices. Sale ends Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 23:59 EST (GMT-5).


Haino Keiji - Wabash Dake

Haino Keiji's first album, "Watashi Dake" has been reissued on vinyl for the first time since it's release in 1981. For the initial reissue, the Black Editions label offered us a reduced price. We were able to snag just a few copies at this price that we're selling at $23.95, after which we'll price at the regular retail price of $29.95. If you're thinking about picking up a copy of this interesting album that launched a truly enigmatic and amazing career, now's a good time to get one!

Click to purchase Haino Keiji - Wabash Dake

   Jazz & Improvisation

Baczkowski, Steve / Chris Corsano / Paul Flaherty: The Dull Blade [VINYL]

A decade after their last album "Dim Bulb", "The Dull Blade" follows up with the trio of Chris Corsano on drums and duel saxophonist Steve Baczkowski and Paul Flaherty, recorded live in the studio at New Haven, Connecticut's Firehouse 12, an incredible album of fiery and ferocious playing with an outsider jazz attitude; brilliant.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Barbares (Bopp / Foussat / Petit / Sato): Debris d'orgueil
(Fou Records)

Two live recordings at Theatre au Clain, in Poitiers, France and at le Bistrot, in Bayonne, from the free improvising quartet of Christiane Bopp on trombone, Jean-Marc Foussat on synth & voice, Jean-Luc Petit on bass clarinet and sopranino sax, and Makoto Sato on drums, for submersive interchanges blending electronics and acoustics in remarkable ways.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Blake, Ran: Something To Live For

A collection of standards, covers, and Blake originals recorded at WGBH Studio in Boston in 1998, half of the album solo piano, half in duos with guitarist David Fabris and clarinetist Guillermo Gregorio; a wonderfully paced album showing the distinctive approach Blake brings to jazz by merging elements of compositional, gospel, folk, blues and more.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Kaplan, Noah Quartet: Cluster Swerve

Soprano & tenor saxophonist Noah Kaplan leads a quartet with Joe Morris on guitar, Giacomo Merega on electric bass, and Jason Nazary on drums, performing Kaplan original compositions and Johnny Green's "Body and Soul", taking melodic material and stretching it in unconventional and often microtonal ways; sophisticated and forward-thinking jazz.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Melford, Myra Trio: Alive In The House Of Saints, Part 1

Pianist Myra Melford's original trio with Reggie Nicholson on drums and Lindsey Horner, her first in a long career of tremendous collaboration, presents a superb example of melodic playing balancing free and traditional structures with effusive joy and profound skill, captured live at Der Club, in Heiligenhaus, Germany in 1993.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Parker, William Quartets: Meditation / Resurrection [2 CDs]
(Aum Fidelity)

New compositions from bassist William Parker, two CDs with the first performed by the William Parker Quartet of Hamid Drake on drums, Rob Brown on sax, and Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson on trumpet, the second with his In Order to Survive quartet with Brown, Drake, and Coooper-Moore on piano; a tremendous album of beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Ware, David S. Trio: Live in New York, 2010 [2 CDs]
(Aum Fidelity)

A tremendous one-night engagement by late saxophone colossus David S. Ware and his latter day Trio with William Parker on bass and Warren Smith on drums, in an intimate club setting at Blue Note in New York City on October 4, 2010, the last time this trio came together, the previous an electrifying set at Vision Festival in June of 2015.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          



Thut, Stefan / Seth Cooke: Aussen Raum [CASSETTE]
(Notice Recordings)

Bristol sound artists Seth Cook presents a rendering of Stefan Thut's text-based score "aussen raum" realized in both stereo field recordings and no input field recordings, focusing on a botched water feature of the River Frome beneath Bristol's Harbourside that has been the subject of ridicule and reconstruction.
     Buy      $5.95      Listen          



Drake, Bob: Antiquities [6-CD BOX SET]
(Recommended Records)

Collecting multi-instrumentalist & vocalist Bob Drake's albums Little Black Train, The Skull Mailbox and Other Horrors, XIII Songs and a Thing, The Shunned Country, and Bob's Drive-In in a solid box set, with a bonus CD, a specially curated collection of outtakes and oddities from this amazing avant-rocker, a member of Thinking Plague, 5uu's, Hail and The Science Group.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $44.95      Listen          

frostlake: White Moon, Black Moon

The debut album for frostlake, female songstress and instrumentalist, in a collection of songs with an eerie strangeness and English ethereal quality, with haunting melodies, layered vocals and unusual sounds in a band including Martin Archer on clarinet, Mick Somerset on winds, Nigel Manning on flute, and Steve Dinsdale on drums.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Haino, Keiji: Watashi Dake [VINYL + DOWNLOAD CODE]
(Black Editions)

Enigmatic Japanese legend Keiji Haino's 1981 debut album receives a fitting reissue in this metallic gold and silver jacket pressing, presenting the stark vocals, whispered and screamed, punctuating dark silences over intricate and sharp guitar figures that interweave, repeat, and stretch, trance-like, emerging from dark recesses; an essential piece of the Haino puzzle.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $23.95      Listen          

Honkies, The: How Do We Prevent The Advance Of The Desert?
(Music a la Coque)

From 1987-93 this bizarre UK band took Rock-In-Opposition attitudes on tour in the UK & Europe, presenting their strangely informed approach to improvised rock with a punk attitude, fueled by dual saxes from Kathy Hulme & Caroline Kraabel, trumpeter Andy Diagram, and drummer Re Harrison, as heard on this reissue of their wonderfully weird 2nd album.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $9.95      Listen          

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: 03

The improvising rock group Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, led by Martin Archer, Chris Bywater, and Steve Dinsdale, in their 3rd album of innovative improvisation, haunting hypnotic grooves and blasts of sheer exuberance, with the band augmented by strings and trombone to give them a larger and more intense sound.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere: Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere

The debut release of the UK improvising rock group Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, co-led by Martin Archer & Chris Bywater, in a double CD blending kosmische musik, space rock, and contemporary classical, an improbable meeting between Ligeti, Klaus Schulze, & Quarkspace, supplemented at times by a string quartet, a sax quintet, and a 25-piece mixed choir.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Peregrine Falls (Grdina / Loewen): Peregrine Falls
(Drip Audio)

Named for the moment when a Peregrine Falcon falls from flight to attack its prey, the Vancouver duo of Gordon Grdina on guitars, oud, electronics and Kenton Loewen on drums and percussion present a heavy album of improvised rock with raw energy, riveting technique and powerful grooves with an Arabic influence and essence; of interest to King Crimson fans.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Samworth, Ron (Samworth / Adler / JP Carter / Naylor / Peggy Lee / James Meger): Dogs Do Dream
(Drip Audio)

Presented at the Vancouver International Improvisation Festival and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, guitarist Ron Samworth's conceptual work explores the life and dreams of a dog, with narration from Barbara Adler and an incredible ensemble including cellist Peggy, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, trumpeter JP Carter, drummer Dylan van der Schyff, etc.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Sick Boss (Schmidt / Meger / Peggy Lee / JP Carter / Naylor / Page): Sick Boss
(Drip Audio)

A richly refined and sophisticated album drawing on improvisation, experimenation and rock elements from the collaborative Vancouver ensemble Sick Boss of core members guitarist Cole Schmidt, bassist James Meger and drummer Daniel Gaucher, with guests including guitarist Tony Wilson, cellist Peggy Lee, trumpeter JP Carter, synth player Tyson Naylor, &c. &c.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          



DK & The Perfectly Ordinary: CAR DEW TREAT US

A diverse set of artist interpret a random page from Cornelius Cardew's "Treatise", using the score alone with each artist unable to hear what the other participants were playing, which Spool label-leader Daniel Kernohan assembled into these 10 incredible audio tracks, each roughly 4:35 long, in a great interpretation of Cardew's (in)famous work.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Frey, Jurg: Ephemeral Constructions
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Three works, two for large ensembles of performers on sax, guitar, clarinet, voice, percussion, horn, flute, vibes, and objects that belie the size of the group in its fragile presences, with a shorter trio of Frey, Greg Stuart and Erik Carlson transitioning the large pieces; compositions conceived as both short presences within abundant orchestration.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Guney, Cem: A Hint Of An Emotion
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

The duo of Beat Keller and Philipp Bowee on electric guitars perform 6 subtle compositions from Turkish-born sound artists and composer Cem Guney's, including 'a bas relief of a talisman' dedicated to Charles Ives and 'soft kill incubator' dedicated to Sylvia Alexandra Schimag.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Houben, Eva Maria: Organ Sonatinas And Drones [2 CDs]
(Edition Wandelweiser Records)

American organist and composer Carson Cooman performs three sontatinas, each in three movements, and the 2014 work "drones", by German contemporary composer Eva Maria Houben, a member of the Wandelweiser group, all slowly evolving works of tone and subtle harmonics.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Schaefer, Janek: Glitter In My Tears

A phenomenal album of mysteriously ambient and emotionally evocative music from London sound artist Janek Schaefer, creating 26 vignettes of dream states from texture, atmosphere, and emotive acoustic states, a collection of interludes, like reflective memories, interweave and carry the listener through passionate and beautiful passages.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Storring, Nick : Exaptations [CASSETTE]
(Notice Recordings)

Toronto-based composer Nick Storring presents two highly textural, side-long pieces; "Field Lines" originally composed for Yvonne NG Peck Wan's dance piece, "Magnetic Fields", presenting a series of a brief, dreamlike clearings through clusters of tonal instruments; and "Yield Criteria" a work of drifting drones that ebb and flow in rich harmonies.
     Buy      $5.95      Listen          

Strickland, Chris : Excruciating... [CASSETTE]
(Notice Recordings)

Montreal composer Chris Strickland used strategies of "deliberate uncertainty" to direct these 3 pieces of minimized technique, narrative, and emotion, performed by Montreal musicians Guido del Fabbro on violin and Solomiya Moroz on flute, with field recordings creating a hazy ambiance over the slowly evolving works.
     Buy      $5.95      Listen          

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Dear Everyone [2 CDs]
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Besando El Tiempo [2CDs]
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Keith Rowe / Michael Pisaro:
13 Thirteen [2 CDs]

Burkhard Schlothauer :
More Chamber Events [2CDs]
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