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SQUIDCO Early Memory Sale! May 21-23, 2021

     Squidco Early Memory Sale
May 21, 2021

2020 & 2021 are years to remember... or years to put behind us! Any way we look at it, these have been unusual times that we're happy to put in the past. For Squidco, these have also been very busy times, and we're grateful to be have spent the last year safe and healthy, sending out amazing music, doing our part to distract and divert our customers as we all passed through troubling times. Sadly many of us, ourselves included, have lost too many close to us, and the world has lost too many great musicians who have left their mark in the wealth of recorded history that we enjoy.

In memory of those who came before us, and in the interests of all of us taking a well-earned pause over the long Memorial Day weekend, this weekend we are offering an "Early Memory" sale, offering our customers the following discounts store-wide through Sunday, May 23rd:

• Buy any new CD, Vinyl, Cassette, DVD, Book or Magazine
    Take 10% off that item's price

• Buy 5 or more CDs, Vinyls, Cassettes, DVDs, Books or Magazines
    Take 15% off those item's prices

Shop at Squidco

In-stock items only, orders must use our shopping cart. Insurance, shipping, and gift certificates items excluded. Discounts applied at checkout time. Sold out items will disappear from the store. Sale ends Sunday, May 23, 2021 at midnight EST (GMT-5). Discounted items are not eligible for Squidco Reward Points.

 In Stock and Ready to Ship

We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release.

• You can see the newest additions to our catalog in our Just In Stock Section.

• You can see the latest fully cataloged items in our store by using our New Releases section.

• You can see Recently Restocked items on this page.

• Ask to have us email you when Upcoming Releases are in stock.

Susan Alcorn / Leila Bordreuil / Ingrid Laubrock:
Bird Meets Wire
(Relative Pitch)

Sean Ali:
A Blink in the Sun
(Neither/Nor Records)

As 3 Velhas (Mortagua / Rodrigues / Andrade):
(Creative Sources)

ugo Ball (Jaap Blonk / Bart van der Putten / Pieter Meurs / Damon Smith):
Six sound Poems 1989 & 2013 [2 CDs]
(Balance Point Acoustics / kontrans)

Banks / Canha / Porter / Taylor:
Lost At Sea

Jeremy Baysse:
In C
(Creative Sources)

Lucio Bonaldo:
Concrete Union
(Creative Sources)

Circuit (Dunmall / Long / Wachsmann / Taylor):

Zhao Cong :
Rotating, Rotating

Carlo Costa :
(Neither/Nor Records)

Cranes: Matthias Muller / Eve Risser / Christian Marien:
Formation < Deviation
(Relative Pitch)

Drasler / Pascolo / Novello:
(Creative Sources)

Paul Dunmall:
Awakening Expectations

Bruno Duplant:
Deux Songes (Les Jours Sont Faits Pour Expliquer Les Nuits)


Tanja Feichtmair / Damon Smith / Gino Robair:
The Shrilling of Frogs
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Heather Frasch / Ryoko Akama:
(Ftarri / Meenna)

The Funambulists (Tibor Takacs Faki / Laslo Lenkes / Goran Grubisic):
The Funambulists

Joel Futterman:
(Creation Music)

Haptic (Adam Sonderberg / Steven Hess / Joseph Clayton Mills):
Weird Undying Annihilation [CASSETTE]
(Notice Recordings)

Elisabeth Harnik / Michael Zerang:
Dream Disobedience
(Not Two)

Thomas Heberer / Joe Fonda / Joe Herenstein:
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Stephen Horenstein / Eyal Netzer:
Speaking Through The Walls
(Creative Sources)

Oier Iruretagoiena :

Isotope Ensemble:
(Creative Sources)

Per Johansen Oddvar / Seijiro Murayama:
Dented Time

Ed Jones / Emil Karlsen:
From Where Light Falls

Jorgensmann / Del / Ramond / Kugel:
At the Fields Edge
(Not Two)

Hirose Junji:

Stefan Keune / Paul Lytton / Hans Schneider / Erhard Hirt:

Charmaine Lee / Zach Rowden:
Butterfly Knife [CASSETTE]
(Notice Recordings)

Liquid Soul:
Liquid Soul Vol. 1
(Ark 21 Records)

Michael Marcus:
Stone Jump
(Not Two)

Lucia Martinez / Agusti Fernandez / Barry Guy:
Bosque de niebla [2 CDs]
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Carlo Mascolo / Joao Maderia / Felice Furioso:

Magda Mayas' Filamental (w / Davies / Caddy / Theriot / Davies / Parkins / Thieke / Abdelnour):
(Relative Pitch)

Joe Moffett:
Stress Positions
(Neither/Nor Records)

MOVE (feat. Sjostrom / Kaufmann / Pultz Melbye / Narvesen / Gordoa):
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Seijiro Murayama :
(Ftarri / Hitorri)

Rachel Musson:

Koen Nutters:
Intervals, time and space between [2 CDs]

Lance Olsen Austin / Barry Chabala:
A field of wildflowers for our lost souls

Torsten Papenheim :
(Creative Sources)

Parrinha / Moimeme / Santos:
A Silent Play In The Shadow Of Power
(Creative Sources)

Alberto Pederneschi :

Guy-Frank Pellerin / Mattias Boss / Eugenio Sanna :
Water Reflections

Ivo Perelman / Gordon Grdina / Hamin Honari Trio:
The Purity Of Desire
(Not Two)

Alexis Perepelycia :
Esos Fantasmas
(Creative Sources)

Vito Pesce / Walter Forestiere:
Anthropolitan Chorale
(Creative Sources)

Playfield (Carter, Muhr, Ishito, Plaks, Namenwirth, Takahashi, Swanson, Panikkar):
Vol. 3

Schindler / Schimanski:
Ging Lenz Den Zwanzigsten Durchs Gebirg Order Nicht

Senyawa (Rully Shabara / Wukir Suryadi):
(Burning Ambulance Music)

suzueri (Elico Suzuki):
Fata Morgana
(Ftarri / Hitorri)

Tongue Is An Eye, The (Sanchez / Moser):
(Creative Sources)

Sabu Toyozumi / Rick Countryman:
I Am Village

Vasco Trilla / Liba Villaecchia:

Doctor Tromans Steve:
The Way

Yuma Uesaka / Marilyn Crispell:
(Not Two)

Un Poco Loco (Fourneyron / Beliah / Gesser):
(Umlaut Records)

Welcome To Silkeborg (Varela / Trinite):
(Creative Sources)

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