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SQUIDCO Email Update + $10 Clean Feed Sale, June 14, 2019

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
June 14, 2019

"Free music isn't a phase you go through;
It's a way of expressing yourself."
—Paal Nilssen-Love

Squid Bubbles  Creative Artists

• Jason Alder/Thanos Chrysakis/Caroline Kraabel/Yoni Silver
• Arashi (Akira Sakata/Johan Berthling/Paal Nilseen-Love)
• Brad Barrett/Joe Morris/Tyshawn Sorey
• Biota/Mnemonists
• Peter Evans/Agusti Fernandez/Barry Guy
• Fire! Orchestra
• Greene/Smith/Moses
• Charles Hayward
• Izumi Kimura/Barry Guy/Gerry Hemingway
• Marker
• Paal Nilssen-Love
• Phicus/Martin Kuchen
• Shirosihi/Golia/Fujioka/Cline
• Umlaut Big Band
• Ken Vandermark/Nate Wooley
• Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Astral Spirits
Audiographic Records
Aural Terrains
Fundacja Sluchaj!

Recommended Records
Rune Grammofon
Umlaut Records



Squidco 20% Sale

In light of the 11 recent Clean Feed and Shhpuma releases from Portugal's amazing improvisation label (see our New Releases section), we've reduced the price of 78 single CDs on the Clean Feed and Shhpuma labels to just $10 each! That's a savings of up to $5 per title! But hurry, because some quantities are limited, and this sale ends Sunday, June 16th!

Click Here to see the list of Sale Items!

In-stock items only, sold out items will disappear from store during the sale. Orders must be placed through our shopping cart. Price shown is discounted price. Sale items are not eligible for Squidco Reward Points. Sale ends Sunday, June 16, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. While quantities last.

   Jazz & Improvisation

Alder, Jason / Thanos Chrysakis / Caroline Kraabel / Yoni Silver: Music for Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinets & Electronics
(Aural Terrains)

Exploring the low end of the clarinet family with Jason Alder on bass, contra bass, B flat & E flat clarinets, Yoni Silver on bass clarinet, plus Caroline Kraabel on baritone saxophone & voice, Thanos Chrysakis expanding the sonic space with laptop & synthesizers, in a 5-part series of beautifully paced, absorbing and subtly detailed collective improvisations.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Arashi (Akira Sakata / Johan Berthling / Paal Nilseen-Love): Jikan

The third album from the Arashi trio of Akira Sakata on alto saxophone, Bb clarinet & vocals, Johan Berthling on double bass, and Paal Nilssen on Love on drums & percussion, formed in 2013 at the Molde Jazz Festival in Norway and touring steadily since, here captured live at Pit Inn, in Tokyo for four intense free improvisations of inspired power.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Barrett, Brad / Joe Morris / Tyshawn Sorey : Cowboy Transfiguration
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Using a participatory compositional process, the NY trio of Brad Barrett on bass & cello, Joe Morris on guitar, and Tyshawn Sorey on drums, follow a framework to make choices based on density, rhythmic ratios, register, melody, and timbre, encouraged to employ small particles of sounds and blend timbres with an awareness of implied pulse and an inclination to disrupt it.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Biota / Mnemonists: The Biota Box [6 CD BOX SET]
(Recommended Records)

From Mnemonists to Biota, this box collects the first 5 studio albums released by the Colorado collective on the UK Recommended Records label, adding a bonus disc of all new recordings built from the group archives, and includes a 14-page booklet of artwork & historical notes shedding light on their gorgeous abstractions through free improvisation and studio composition.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $69.95      Listen          

Evans, Peter / Agusti Fernandez / Barry Guy : Free Radicals At DOM
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Radical masters of free jazz--Spanish pianist Agusti Fernandez and British bassist Barry Guy--meet young(er) radical trumpeter Peter Evans at the Moscow Cultural Center DOM for this 2017 concert of free improvisation, a fiery and informed concert of two sets, each in three parts, and an encore, showing technical mastery, inventive interaction, and sheer excitement in performance.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Fire! Orchestra: Arrival
(Rune Grammofon)

Trimmed back to a mere 14 musicians, the Fire! Orchestra core trio of Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling, and Andreas Werliin and Orchestra original singers Mariam Wallentin and Sofia Jernberg add a string quartet, expanding their palette as they release their warmest and most embraceable album to date, from original material to covers of Robbie Basho and Chic.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Fire! Orchestra: Arrival [VINYL 2 LPs + CD]
(Rune Grammofon)

Vinyl LP + CD edition of the CD listed above.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $28.95      Listen          

Greene / Smith / Moses: Life's Intense Mystery
(Astral Spirits)

Performing live at Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA, the trio of free jazz piano legend Burton Green in a trio with bassist Damon Smith and drummer Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, in 6 collective improvisations, with impressive playing from all three as they segway through the three part "Life's Intense Mystery", taking exploratory moments and even some "Kid Play" inbetween.
     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Greene / Smith / Moses: Life's Intense Mystery [CASSETTE w/DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Cassette addition of the CD listed above.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Kimura, Izumi / Barry Guy / Gerry Hemingway : Illuminated Silence
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Performing at St. Ann's Church in Dublin, Ireland, the trio of Japanese pianist living in Ireland, Izumi Kimura, is joined by London bassist Barry Guy and Swiss based drummer Gerry Hemingway for 8 superb improvisations, including renderings of Guy's "Blue Horizon", "Ancients" and "Finding It" and Agusti Fernandez' "How to Go Into a Room You Are Already In".
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Marker (Vandermark / Clinkman / Marquette / Stewart / Sudderberg): New Industries [2 CDs]
(Audiographic Records)

The Chicago quintet of multi-reedist Ken Vandermark, drummer Phil Sudderberg, keyboardist/violinist Macie Stewart, and guitarists Andrew Clinkman and Steve Marquette, in a 2-CD release presenting studio and live recordings of each composition, showing how this outstanding improvising group balances dissonance and complexity with wildly swinging playing.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Nilssen-Love, Paal: New Brazilian Funk

Brought together by dummer Paal Nilssen-Love for the 2018 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, this quintet merges Norwegians Nilssen-Love and long-time collaborator Frode Gjerstad on alto sax with the Brazilian trio of Felipe Zenicola on electric bass, Kiko Dinucci on electric guitar, and Paulinho Bicolor on cuica, for a thrilling and exuberant concert of energetic improvisation.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Nilssen-Love, Paal: New Japanese Noise

One of two concerts drummer Paal Nilssen-Love organized for the 2018 Roskilde festival in Denmark is this quintet, adding Brazilian guitarist Kiko Dinucci from the "New Brazilian Funk" concert, alongside legendary Japanese free jazz saxophonist Akira Sakata, noise artist Kohei Gomi (Pain Jerk) and Toshiji Mikawa (Incapacitants), for a concert of controlled chaos and mastery.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Phicus / Martin Kuchen: Sumpflegende
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

The Catalan free improvising trio Phicus of Alex Reviriego on double bass, Ferran Fages on electric guitar, and Vasco Trilla on drums, continue their pursuit of 4th partners, here joined by Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen on tenor & alto saxophones for a studio album of collective improvisation with elements of ea/lowercase playing balanced with dynamic language.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Shirosihi / Golia / Fujioka / Cline: Borasisi
(Astral Spirits)

Two drums and two saxophones merge to create this epic 2-part free jazz trek - "Right Eye Sun" and "Left Eye Moon", the album title taken from a sun deity in Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Cat's Cradle", who mated with the moon; this pairing is realized by West Coast masterful musicians Patrick Shiroishi & Vinny Golia (sax) and Dylan Fujioka and Alex Cline (drums & percussion).
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

Shirosihi / Golia / Fujioka / Cline: Borasisi [CASSETTE w/DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Cassette version of the CD listed above.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Umlaut Big Band: Plays Don Redman: The King Of Bungle Bar
(Umlaut Records)

Don Redman was an American big band leader popular in the 1930's, responsible for work on animations, sound tracks, and recordings of pre-swing hot jazz arrangements of popular tunes; here the French Umlaut Big Band under the direction of Pierre-Antoine Badaroux pays homage to his music in rich orchestration showing the melodic, inventive, and complexities of Redman's music.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Vandermark, Ken / Nate Wooley: Deeply Discounted II​ / ​Sequences Of Snow [LP]
(Audiographic Records)

The 3rd release from the duo of Chicago multi-reedist Ken Vandermark and NY trumpeter Nate Wooley, two long-form compositions written for the LP format and developed while touring North America during 2017; "Deeply Discounted II," is inspired by John Cage's "Cheap Imitation", while "Sequences of Snow," is dedicated to the experimental filmmaker & musician, Michael Snow.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Vandermark, Ken / Paal Nilssen-Love: Screen-Off

For their 10th album, the duo of multi-reedist Ken Vandermark and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love took inspiration from experimental cinema, enlisting producer Lasse Marhaug to scour YouTube for concerts from their past 10 years, extracting 60 seconds of audio from each and joining them into 2-minute segments, 21 of which create this unusual album of awe-inspiring performance.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          



Hayward, Charles : (Begin Anywhere)

This Heat and Camberwell Now drummer, songwriter, vocalist, experimenter and sociological observer Charles Hayward steps away from his drums for an intimate album of song, performing on piano with minimal accompaniment as he presents new songs and new versions of songs including pieces from Camberwell Now; powerfully fragile, insightful, fascinating.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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 In Stock and Ready to Ship

We're never quite caught up with new releases that constantly come in our door, and we don't like to rush a release to our homepage. That said, the following releases have already been stocked at Squidco, and are able to be ordered. In most cases we have images, often have samples, and some basic description of each release.

• You can see the newest additions to our catalog in our Just In Stock Section.

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Daniel Carter / Stelios Mihas / Irma Nejando / Federico Ughi:
Radical Invisibility

Don Cherry / Dave Holland / Steve Lacy / Masahiko Togashi:
Live at Yubin Chokin Kaikan Hall, Tokyo on May 14, 1986 [VINYL]

Electric Bird Noise:

Chester Hawkins :
K516156/91044 [33 1/3 7-inch VINYL]
(Intangible Arts)

Lee Ranaldo / Jim Jarmusch / Marc Urselli / Balazs Pandi:
(Trost Records)

Lee Ranaldo / Jim Jarmusch / Marc Urselli / Balazs Pandi:
(Trost Records)

Christian Svendsen Meaas:
New Rituals [3 CDS]
(Nakama Records)

Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit:
April Is The Cruellest Month
(Blank Forms)

Masayuki Takayanagi New Direction Unit:
April Is The Cruellest Month [VINYL]
(Blank Forms)

Toshiya Tsunoda :
Extract From Field Recording Archive [5 CD Box Set]

Kasper Vaernes Skullerud / Andreas Wildhagen:
(Nakama Records)

Kasper Vaernes Skullerud / Andreas Wildhagen:
Troposgrafien [VINYL]
(Nakama Records)

David Virelles:
Igbo Alakorin (The Singer's Grove) Vol. I & II
(Pi Recordings)

G. Weston Calvin:
The Phoenix Orchestra - Dust and Ash [VINYL]

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