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SQUIDCO Email Update March 22, 2019

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
March 22, 2019

"The invention of pattern, on any level,
Does not really happen spontaneously:
It's the result of work and thinking,
Even for people who mostly improvise.
But the elements that give music life do happen spontaneously."
—Michael Pisaro

Squid Bubbles  Creative Artists

• Arild Andersen / Clive Bell / Mark Wastell
• Matthias Bauer
• Carlo Costa/Jason Nazary
• Eugene Chadbourne
• Cleric (John Zorn - Masada Book 3)
• Carlo Costa
• Mandhira De Saram / Benoit Delbecq
• Alexander Hawkins
• Irene Kepl / Fred Marty
• Eric La Casa / Eamon Sprod
• Ingrid Laubrock (w/ Halvorson / Davis / Wooley)
• Leap Of Faith
• Mattin
• Michael Pisaro
• Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Mira / Piosik / Santos
• Rodrigues / Honsinger / Rodrigues / Kurvers
• The Seen
• Matthew Shipp Trio w/ Nicole Mitchell
• Winged Serpents (Courvoisier/Davis/Taborn/Marsella/Ortiz/Coleman)
• Nate Wooley (Wooley/Sawyer/Halvorson/Alcorn)

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Anticausal Systems
Creative Sources
Evil Clown
Gravity Wave

Munster Records
Neither/Nor Records
Northern Spy


   Jazz & Improvisation

Andersen, Arild / Clive Bell / Mark Wastell: Tales Of Hackney

World instrumentation of shakuhachi, thai flute, shinobue, thai mouth organ, and shruti box blends with western orchestration of electric bass, percussion and electronics as Clive Bell, Arild Andersen, and Mark Wastell come together in the studio after their well-received concert at Cafe Oto in London to develop these beautifully lyrical improvisations.
Squidco Pick

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Bauer, Matthias: Spontan In Granit
(Creative Sources)

Berlin double bassist Mathias Bauer, a member of Unitedberlin, Asian Art, Junge Music and mosaik, and half of the duo Alchimia Organica, presents a series of 18 solid and diverse spontaneous improvisations, most averaging under 3 minutes, captivating the listener through articulate momentum, exceptional technique, and inventive narrative.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Carlo Costa / Jason Nazary: Dim Thickets [CASSETTE]
(Anticausal Systems)

Bringing together two New York percussionists for a wild ride of that finds drummer Jason Nazary performing exclusively on electronics against and alongside Neither/Nor label-leader Carlo Costa's percussion, using glitch and aberrant electronics in actively constrained ways as the two dart and weave around each other in an exciting and unique improvisational dialog.
     Buy      $9.95      Listen          

Costa, Carlo: Oblio
(Neither/Nor Records)

New York-based Italian percussionist and Neither/Nor label leader Carlo Costa in a solo percussion album of two pieces using drum set, concert bass drum, singing bowls, bells, triangles, wood blocks, tiles, styrofoam, cymbals, violin bows, marbles, chains, knives, and other objects, creating fascinating alien soundscapes of momentous activity without histrionics.
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De Saram, Mandhira / Benoit Delbecq: Spinneret

Delicate improvised interaction based around a day of meditative composing from London-based violinist Mandhira de Saram, a founding member and leader of the Ligeti Quartet, and French pianist Benoit Delbecq, an active improviser also involved in theater, dance, and visual arts; here the two use profound control and mastery to create intensity without excess.
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Hawkins, Alexander : Iron Into Wind

A masterful performance at Radio Studio Zurich in Switzerland in 2018 from London jazz pianist Alexander Hawkins, improvising over a wide range of interests from jazz & blues to avant compositional work, with impressive skill as he runs complex and diverging figures on each hand that are coherent and exhilarating to follow, balanced with beautiful reflective sections.
Squidco Pick

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Kepl, Irene / Fred Marty: Pirouette
(Creative Sources)

Austrian violinist and composer Irene Kepl met French double bassist Fred Marty joined in the studio in France in 2018 to record this lively album of string interactions, both players showing masterful skills informed by classical and improvisational training, shown through impressive and mischievous technique and dialog that "Pirouettes", "Rolls", "Skids" and even takes a "U-Turn".
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Laubrock, Ingrid (w/ Halvorson / Davis / Wooley): Contemporary Chaos Practices - Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists

Studio recordings of two startlingly impressive compositions for orchestra and improvisers, with four soloists--Mary Halvorson (guitar), Kris Davis (piano), Nate Wooley (trumpet), and Laubrock (saxophone)-- presenting "Vogelfrei" written for the 2014 second Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute Reading, and "Contemporary Chaos Practices" written for the 2017 Moers Festival.
Squidco Pick

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Leap Of Faith: Order Of Ramifications
(Evil Clown)

The core trio of the Boston collective Leap of Faith Orchestra of improvisers, approaching large work using unique compositional techniques and an arsenal of traditional and unusual instruments and percussive devices, here joined by Elinor Spiers on violin, log drums, glockenspiel, metal, wood, crotales, and cymbells, for a uniquely detailed and immense improvisation.
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Rodrigues, Ernesto / Guilherme Rodrigues / Miguel Mira / Anna Piosik / Carlos Santos: Eris
(Creative Sources)

A quintet album of minimal/lowercase electroacoustic improvisation recordeded at Penedo in Portugal from Ernesto Rodrigues on viola, Guilherme Rodrigues on cello, Miguel Mira on cello, Anna Piosik on trumpet, and Carlos Santos on electronics, each performer using extended techniques, contrasting atmospheric tones with percussive, often pointillistic approaches.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Rodrigues, Ernesto / Tristan Honsinger / Guilherme Rodrigues / Klaus Kurvers: Ignis Fatuus
(Creative Sources)

Recording in Germany, Creative Source's two Rodrigues'--Ernesto on viola and Guilherme on cello--along with double bassist Klaus Kurvers, celebrate legendary improvising cellist Tristan Honsinger's birthday in this studio album of active playing with a chamber quartet feeling through superb technical skills yielding electrifying string improvisation.
Squidco Pick

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Seen, The: Archive : Volumes Vi - X : 2014 To 2016

Five concerts of exceptional free improvisation, recorded in London, the last at Cafe OTO, across 5 CDs of collective ensembles known as "The Seen", presenting of some of the UK & Europe's finest improvisers, including Mark Wastell, John Butcher, David Toop, Dominic Lash, Phil Durrant, Angharad Davies, Jason Kahn, Bertrand Denzler, Yoni Silver, Chris Burn, &c.
Squidco Pick

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Shipp, Matthew Trio / Nicole Mitchell: All Things Are

Chicago and New York come together in Brooklyn to record this excellent encounter between pianist Matthew Shipp and flutist Nicole Mitchell, with Michael Bisio on bass and Newman Taylor Baker on drums, bridging exciting free playing with strong lyrical elements, balancing kinetically exuberant interaction with introspective and dark moments; inspired and masterful.
Squidco Pick

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Winged Serpents (Courvoisier / Davis / Taborn / Marsella / Ortiz / Coleman): Six Encomiums For Cecil Taylor

The Winged Serpents is a collective of solo pianist brought together by John Zorn to pay tribute to brilliant free jazz pianist Cecil Taylor, taking their name from his 1985 Soul Note album "Winged Serpent", Craig Taborn, Sylvie Courvoisier, Brian Marsella, Kris Davis, Aruan Ortiz, and Anthony Coleman each pay homage in original improvisations that invoke the spirit of Taylor's work.
Squidco Pick

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Wooley, Nate (Wooley / Sawyer / Halvorson / Alcorn): Columbia Icefield
(Northern Spy)

With two guitarists--Mary Halvorson and Susan Alcorn on pedal steel--and Ryan Sawyer on drums, New York trumpeter explores the Rocky Mountains Columbia Icefield, the largest icefield in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, through sophisticated compositions and superbly illustrative sound, an exceptional album of improvisation and intention from four modern masters.
Squidco Pick

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Chadbourne, Eugene: The Banshee

Doc Chad pays homage to classic horror flicks with this experimental album blending collages of spoken word from the original movies, with an emphasis on Vincent Price/Hammer Horror era epics, creating a new soundtrack to accompany them through effected guitar work in a Chad/Horror/Rake mode, a freakish and fun blend of improvised and planned performance.
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La Casa, Eric / Eamon Sprod: Friche : Transition

Making something out of "nothing", audio explorers and sonic organizers Eric La Casa from France and Australian Eamon Sprod spent a week on the waste grounds in the North East of Paris along the Canal Ourcq, capturing field recordings which they used to develop these active compositions, captivating by morphing everyday sounds into something intriguingly mysterious and remarkable.
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Pisaro, Michael : Nature Denatured and Found Again [5 CD Box Set]
(Gravity Wave)

A 5 CD box set of compositions written by Michael Pisaro using field recordings captured along the Grosse Muhl River in Austria during the 2011-15 Flussaufwartstreiben project, now accompanying performances made along that river by Antoine Beuger (flute), Jurg Frey (clarinet), Marcus Kaiser (cello), Radu Malfatti (trombone), Andre Moller (guitar), and Kathryn Pisaro (oboe).
Squidco Pick

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Cleric (John Zorn - Masada Book 3): The Book Beri'ah Vol 2 | Chokhma

John Zorn's Masada Book Three, "The Book Beri'ah", continues in its second volume with this powerful and demanding album from the Philadelphia avant-metal band of Ludovic Beier on accordion & accordina, Timba Harris on violins, Matt Hollenberg on guitars & Oud, Dan Kennedy on bass, Larry Kwartowitz on drums, and Nick Shellenberger on keyboards & vocals.
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Mattin: Songbook #6 [VINYL]
(Munster Records, Insulin Addicted Records, Crudités Tapes)

Spanish sound artist and vocalist Mattin in his 6th "Songbook" album, performed with Farahnaz Hatam, Pan Daijing, Colin Hacklander, Werner Dafeldecker, and Dean Roberts, a vicious mix of essentially no-wave rock and experimental music, six songs at exactly six minutes each covering topics of the conflicts, confusion and frustrations of our modern age.
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Tom Arthurs:
Augmented Nature

Eugene Chadbourne / Cat Jammers:
Invitation To A Jam Session

Eugene Chadbourne / Cat Jammers:
Invitation To A Jam Session [CASSETTE]

Eugene Chadbourne w/ Son of Shockabilly:
Unreal Band

Phil Durrant / Martin Vishnick:
Rifinitori di Monenti

Paulo Galao / Guilherme Rodrigues / Nuno Morao:
(Creative Sources)

Mike Gennaro / Alex Ward:
Running for Trains

Gestalder / Marion / Becheanu:
3 vues d'un paysage / 3 views of a landscape
(Creative Sources)

Kanute (Bergstrom / Abildgaard / Okland):
(Creative Sources)

Makoto Kawabata / Geoff Leigh:
Spatial Roots
(Acid Mothers Temple)

Geoff Leigh / Makoto Kawabata / Aogu Tanimoto:
Live At Delsol Cafe
(Acid Mothers Temple)

Elo Masing / Hui-Chun Lin / Caroline Cecilia Tallone / Ernesto Rodrigues / Ame Zek:
(Creative Sources)

Metal Chaos Ensemble:
Luminiferous Aether
(Evil Clown)

Polyorchard (Estoppey / Jackson / Menestres / Ruccia):
Black Mountain
(Out & Gone Records)

Polyorchard (Pence / Jackson / Menestres / Ruccia / Phaneuf):
(Out & Gone Records)

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos:
Le Havre
(Creative Sources)

/ Rodrigues Leblanc / Ferreira Lopes:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Lauri Hyvarinen / Abdul Moimeme / Carlos Santos:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Paulo Curado / Bruno Parrinha / Eduardo Chagas:
(Creative Sources)

Udo Schindler:

Hanna Schorken:
You Told Me How To Dance
(Creative Sources)

Wolfgang Schwabe / Hui-Chun Lin:
(Creative Sources)

Edith Steyer:
Hoox And Add-ons
(Creative Sources)

Flow Across Scales
(Evil Clown)

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